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A 2021 Look-Back!

Happy New Year! It is officially 2022! Before we begin today's blog topic, we'd like to first send all of our love and best wishes to each one of our followers for a prosperous and fortuitous new year. We hope 2022 has incredible things in store for each one of you! For our team, 2021 has been a year full of hope, light, and excitement.

Following the start of the pandemic in March 2020, many of our brides & grooms were led with the heartbreaking decision to postpone their wedding events to the following year, which meant for a quiet 2020 with less events than we had initially strived for. It was truly a tough year for all - but, once 2021 rolled around, we were approached with newly scheduled events for the upcoming year, in addition to ones previously scheduled for the year prior and pushed forward. We were blessed to have been able to pick up business again and continue to do what we love for the clients we cherish during this unprecedented time.

Despite it being a challenge to return to a faster pace while adjusting to the current circumstances in the world, this year has instilled in us a new sense of hope for the future and a newfound strength to overcome any hurdle that comes our way - and we will never let such interfere with making our brides' & grooms' decor visions come to life for their most special day.

With that being said, we thank all of our amazing clients that we have had the pleasure of working with this year. Today, we'd like to do a recap of a number of events that our Exclusive Events team had the honor of being a part of in 2021, specifically one event per each month of the year. Though we won't showcase every single event, we would like to use this blog post to convey our love and appreciate for each and every client that has chosen Exclusive Events and stuck by our team.


January 9th, 2021

Allow us to begin with January! Within the first two weeks following the start of the new year, our team headed to Glen Cove, NY to prepare floral arrangements for our bride & groom's wedding day at the Glencove Gurdwara.

Using a white hydrangea base, we placed blush roses, fresh white lilies, and additional floral fillers. All of such contained warm, bright pastels, which was the perfect way to bring beautiful light to a new and hopeful year.


February 25th, 2021

At-Home Decor

This beauty of a Sangeet stage was nothing short of pure magic. Our team prepared this at-home Sangeet decor design for a very special couple! Full of red, white, and gold accents, this space was a pure example of absolute royalty with its vibrant tones and round, intricate Mandala backdrop. Click on the photo above to re-watch our video tour of more aspects of the couple's decor!


March 20th, 2021

For our bride & groom, Varun & Shweta, we brought to life their bright wedding mandap for their big day at the Crest Hollow Country Club! This custom design consisted of silk peach and white drapings, silk floral knots to tie it back, and an additional complimenting rose-filled floral bar across the top! Pairing well with the floral tones of their ceremony, our team provided their reception decor with similar arrangements! See above a few photos of their table centerpieces and their fabulous sweetheart table, and click here for our blog coverage!


April 3rd, 2021

Just a few weeks later, our team came back to the Crest Hollow Country Club - this time, for Ruchica & Aditya's special wedding day!

First, we prepared the couple's custom ceremonial mandap on the venue's beautiful outdoor property! In accordance with the beautiful weather and shining sun, their mandap was brought together using warm pastels of white & pink floral arrangements, along with a green moss wall and a golden Ganesha to complete the special space! Of course, their wedding aisle was adorned with white pillars and complimenting round pieces!

We topped off their day with a custom reception stage & wedding cake, both containing bright shades of purple & white that simply take our breath away.

Here is a link to this special decor coverage!


May 14th, 2021

In the warm month of May, our team went to the beach! We visited the stunning Crescent Beach Club in order to prepare ceremonial decor for Anjli & Pradeep's most beautiful wedding day.

Isn't the venue just gorgeous? Right on the sand, our team prepared their mandap, full of pink, white, and red roses from top to bottom. The light pastels, the ocean breeze, and a bright shining sun - what could be be better than this?

Click here to check out this decor coverage!


June 24th, 2021

For the golden month of June, the Exclusive team brought stunning golden accents to Noman & Valak's grand reception stage at The Venetian! From the hanging wisteria and white hydrangea pieces, to the golden drapes and dazzling candle wall, this custom space was truly perfect in every single way. Need we say more?


July 24th, 2021

In the month of July, we travelled to Brookfield, Connecticut in order to be a part of Annya & Himanshu's beautiful wedding day on the oceanfront of the Candlewood Inn! This breathtaking view made for the best backdrop to the couple's custom mandap, made up of only the most vibrant of colorful floral arrangements for this warm summer day!

We also brought their reception decor together as well! To see more photos and coverage, click here to check out our special blog post that showcases every aspect of this gorgeous wedding event.


August 19th, 2021

Now onto August! Continuing on with the previous wedding designs, we most certainly kept with the beautiful vibrant theme!

Based upon inspiration photos from our bride & groom, this custom space was a bright, modern take of a traditional Sangeet stage for Shravani & Bryan! We used asymmetrical silk draping along the backdrop, while their floral arrangements stunned the space with their vibrant tones. For their centerpieces, we used a chic terrarium with complimenting silk florals to dazzle up their guests' dining tables. Check out our blog post here, where we show more from this fabulous Sangeet celebration!


September 7th, 2021

In the beginning weeks of September, we travelled to the dreamy venue of Fox Hollow, where we joined Samavia & Atif for their beautiful wedding reception!

This venue contained the right amount of natural light to brighten up each aspect of the couple's reception decor. From their stage, made up of natural green and white tones with a modern design, to their white orchid centerpieces that made up their guests' tables, every inch of this room was simply magic.

Click here for this event's blog coverage!


October 22nd, 2021

We revisited the Crest Hollow Country Club once again in the month of October for our bride & groom's lavish evening reception!

Where do we start? To exemplify the grandeur of this occasion, our team brought in only the most fitting of decor details. Adorned with white asymmetrical arrangements, our shimmering candle-wall made up their starlight backdrop, while decor pieces of golden accents shone across this spectacular space. With candlelight to complete it, this space still leaves us in absolute awe. Click here for this special blog feature!


November 20th, 2021

Our team completed our November with another visit to Crest Hollow Country Club, for our bride & groom's wedding day! As we mentioned on our Instagram page, this ceremonial decor was nothing short of pure regality. Using purple, pink, and white tones, this mandap contained the most stunning color motif for this fall wedding space.


December 15th, 2021

One of our final decor set-ups of the year took place at, none other than, the incredible Mega Dulhan Expo! Of course, for the annual convention, our team prepared a custom mandap design from our repertoire that showcases exactly what Exclusive Events is all about, when it comes to bringing to life our couples' most special day. You can check out this special set-up in one of our latest decor coverages, here!


Wow, now that concludes our final blog post of 2021! It has been the most beautiful year as we had the pleasure of being a part of so many wedding events for our clients. This blog, here, is only a brief summary of the decor designs that our team brought together this year. There are not enough words to express how lucky we are to be in the field we are in, and how thankful we are for all of the brides & grooms that put their trust in us to make their big day magical. It is because of all of our couples that made 2021 a truly special year.

As we enter this new year, we cannot wait for even more beautiful wedding dates to come for more new couples! From our team to you, we wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous 2022, filled with all of the love in the world. Happy New Year from Exclusive Events!


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