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A Blossoming Design!

Happy Saturday! It is that time again, you guessed it - our Exclusive decor coverage! Today, we'd like to showcase a recent design that we created for a very special couple - a design that contains the perfect warm and inviting accents for their big day.

On Saturday, March 12th, we joined our beautiful bride & groom. Fatima & Fahad, for their wedding events at the lovely Floral Terrace! The Long Island venue contained the most stunning ballroom with the ideal space to host their Nikkah ceremony and their reception that followed thereafter. For such a momentous and bright occasion, our couple deserved only the most beautiful setting - and our team aimed to provide exactly that.

Custom ballroom stage shown above.

Let us begin with their grand stage! Acting as the forefront in terms of their decor, the couple sought out a stage design with elegant floral touches - all of which ultimately allowed for their stage to blossom in truly beautiful ways.

Starting with their backdrop, this was brought together using a double-panel set-up, along with a straight white draping. Additional draping followed a split design, using an ivory & pink-colored set that simply popped! Directly in front is our signature candle wall that is truly the most exquisite touch to any space, complete with a cherry blossom arch and pink rose accents within.

For the couple's seating arrangements, our team provided our signature ivory and gold seating set that makes any couple feel like absolute royalty - as they should! The gold accents of their furniture truly complement the bright tones that are displayed throughout each angle of this motif.

Final floral touches of this space included complementing floral pieces lined along their love seat, a silk arrangement at the base, and two additional pieces placed atop golden side tables.

To complete this ever-so-gorgeous design, cherry blossom trees were placed alongside each end of the stage, which truly brought this space together. As spring is coming upon us very soon, incorporating this beautiful floral piece, that is so symbolic of new beginnings, couldn't be more fitting for our couple's wedding design.

Our Shooting Star Candles shown above.

Next up, let us discuss the couple's custom centerpieces! Our team customized three separate designs, all of which were placed on every other table in the ballroom. Though different, every single centerpiece contained grand details that made their guests feel like they were dining like royalty.

Starting with our Shooting Star Candles, this arrangement was brought together with a silk floral base, made up of a white hydrangea base and pink roses within.

With its tall height, bright candle light, and gold accents, this custom piece can only be described as a true "show-stopper."


Cherry Blossom Tree centerpiece shown above.
Up-close view of Cherry Blossom Tree above.

Following our Shooting Star Candles, are our cherry blossom trees! Now, what would a blossoming theme be without these stunning arrangements!

Complementing their stage design, our team prepared these cherry blossom centerpieces with hanging globes for that touch of sparkle, and pink roses for that additional pop of color.

Gold candelabra centerpiece above.

And finally, here are our gold candelabra centerpieces!

Need we say more? These statement pieces certainly contain all of the best gold tones to add a bit of glamour to your table, especially with its sparkly accents that shine in every angle you look.

From the elegance of the cherry blossom trees, to the warmth of their Shooting Star Candles, to the grandeur of these candelabra pieces, our team aimed to provide centerpieces that would each make a special statement on their own, while pairing perfectly with our couple's one-of-a-kind wedding stage. For such a significant milestone, you deserve to celebrate in utmost style - and we couldn't be happier with the final product of Fatima and Fahad's event design.


Before we close out today's blog post, we'd like to credit our fellow vendors that played a huge role in bringing Fatima & Fahad's special night to life.

Vendor List:

Location: Floral Terrace Photography & Cinematography: KHVLID Media

Mehndi Artist: Yukti Grover Inc.

Makeup Artist: Maryam Asim Beauty


Thank you so much for checking out today's special decor coverage!

Be sure to check back next Saturday for another Exclusive.

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