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A Wedding Day at Crest Hollow: An Exclusive Look

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On Saturday, March 20th, our entire team traveled to Woodbury, NY to take part in a special wedding ceremony and reception! The Crest Hollow Country Club hosted all of the beautiful festivities that took place. Our clients, the wonderful Varun & Shweta, began their new chapter as husband and wife; and the weather most certainly permitted for the occasion. The sun shone throughout the entirety of the day, especially during their ceremony, which was truly picture-perfect. (All of the photos shown are photos taken by our team!)

As seen above, Sonam and our Exclusive team arranged a stunning ceremonial mandap for the bride & groom, made with peach and white silk drapings, and a stunning floral bar that hung overhead. In addition, rose petals covered the wedding isle as golden pillars stood at each end, making for the bride's picture-perfect walk down to her beloved.

Up-close view of the ceremonial mandap's interior.
Up-close view of aisle's golden pillars.

While we prepared decor for the special day, our very own E3DJs, provided the entertainment for the reception! DJ Ricky, Dholi Om, and DJ Avhik brought the house down with the best of sounds and production, including some of today's best hits and a special Dhol performance!

When it came to Varun & Shweta's evening reception, our team made sure it was absolutely beautiful. The space shone an extensive variety of pink, white, and red florals, and the addition of vibrant pink under lighting that added even more vibrance to the event. In the video shown below, see a panoramic view of the venue from our team's perspective, once the decor preparation was complete!

Dining table arrangements for reception.

Varun & Shweta's sweetheart table arrangements.

For the reception, dining tables were topped off with stunning white and red hydrangea bouquets and candle-holders that added even more beautiful light into the space.

At the fore-front of the venue, the team prepared the sweetheart table for the guests of honor, consisting of a candle-lit backdrop with a floral bar of white and red roses, as well as a floral centerpiece and bright candle-lit holders to top off their dining table.

For additional posts regarding this special event, be sure to check out our Instagram feed for photos and additional commentary, as well as our Instagram "DJs" highlights for Sonam's perspective as the team was getting ready to perform.

We'd like to share details of the additional vendors that took part in making these wedding festivities absolutely incredible.



It was a pleasure to be a part of Varun & Shweta's utmost special day and to witness the beautiful new start to their lives together as husband & wife. Thank you for reading and for looking back on this incredible event with us!

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