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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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A Brookfield Wedding!

Happy Saturday! We hope you all had the best of weeks and are enjoying the start of your much deserved weekend. Today, we have a big treat for anyone seeking a good read today. Last weekend, we had the honor of preparing decor for a special bride & groom by the name of Annya & Himanshu. Our team joined the couple as they celebrated their wedding ceremony and reception at the fabulous Candlewood Inn.

The Brookfield location was the ideal spot to hold their utmost special day as it is located right along Candlewood Lake, making it one of the most scenic destinations. As shown in the video below, our initial visit to the wedding venue left our team breathless at the sight of this one-of-a-kind panoramic view.

This particular area of water is known to be the largest lake in all of Connecticut - and in our eyes, the most beautiful. With an already stunning natural backdrop, our team was called to bring our own Exclusive touch to the wedding day, and we have much content to showcase all for you here.


Annya & Himanshu's

Wedding Day Decor

After following Annya & Himanshu's decor vision and taking a close look at the venue in person, our team was ready to bring it all together! Above is a panoramic video of the final product of our team's work taken prior to the couple's ceremony. We added decor touches to the venue's beautiful gazebo, brought our own Jhoola swing, added draping along the lake pier, and prepared the couple's ceremonial mandap for the special day - but first, we began our day by putting together a stylish entrance gate for everyone to make their way into the Candlewood Inn.

Entrance gate to the Candlewood Inn shown above.

For their entrance gate, we tied back red & pink silk chiffon draping with bright floral knots. Such arrangements included orange, red, pink, and white roses - all colors that paired well with the upcoming ceremonial mandap decor. Additional details included our silk garlands that hung above the main decor, as well as six silk flower bouquets that stood along the railings as guests made their way up the stairs.

Ganesh statue shown above.

Continuing on, guests made their way through the venue and headed toward the outdoor promenade. As we always say - details are everything. As part of the outdoor decor, we brought in a golden ganesh statue, adorned with pink rose petals at its base.

As shown to the left, this significant piece of decor is known to be a symbol of good prosperity and fortune, especially for the bride & groom as they are about to embark on the start of their lives together as husband & wife. Offering prayer to the statue is done prior to the ceremony as a way to protect the couple and to long for lifelong positive outcomes throughout their marriage.

With the clear blue skies and a high temperature of 82 degrees, there was no denying that it would be a truly beautiful day for the bride, groom, and their guests.


After making their way through the gorgeous venue, it was time for guests to finally take their seats and enjoy the magic that was about to unfold! As seen on our Instagram page, here is a look into the aisle that our team arranged for Annya & Himanshu's special ceremony.

Wedding aisle decor shown above.

A bride's aisle should reflect the immense beauty of the bride herself - that is why our team used only the most vibrant arrangements. After placing 6 golden pillars, we placed bright silk floral pieces on top, pairing well with the warm color tones of the couple's decor theme.

Ceremonial mandap shown above.

For Annya & Himmanshu's outdoor set-up, our team put this together using a brown arbor mandap structure as the base. Like the design for the entrance gate, light pink chiffon draping was dressed along the top and tied back with silk floral knots. In accordance with the floral theme, the structure's silk flower bar consisted of bright red, orange, and green tones. Between the panoramic lake view and the colors of the outdoor decor, there no denying that vibrance is the theme of this beautiful event.


Before we continue on with Annya & Himmanshu's reception decor, we'd like to make note of a special video that we have shared on our main Instagram page earlier today. If you haven't seen it already, our media team compiled our own behind the scenes clips with additional footage taken by the wonderful team at Streaming CT! The streaming team captured the entire wedding day, including special clips of Annya & Himmanshu's lovely ceremony. Head to our Instagram page now to view this wonderful video compilation of the wedding day.

Reception stage decor shown above.

Following Annya & Himmanshu's dream ceremony, it was time to celebrate in the Candlewood Inn's indoor ballroom.

When it came to the decor elements for this post-wedding celebration, our team prepped the couple's reception stage, as well as the floral centerpieces on each individual dining table.

For this area of the ballroom, we brought in an elegant white love seat lined with golden trim for the center. Behind the sofa, we arranged an off-white drape, along with a U-shaped floral arch that stood tall at the perfect height for the space. This arch consisted of fresh greenery and silk flowers in shades of maroon, peach, and white. On both ends of the love seat, we placed golden end-tables and an array of pillar candles to light up the already bright stage.


Along with the reception stage, our decor team arranged an array of centerpieces for each individual dining table in the open ballroom. Before we go into detail regarding the preparation of the centerpieces, let us show you the perspective from the table.

Perspective from table shown above.

Look at that panoramic view! The tall windows bring in a great amount of natural light for this spacious venue, and create another beautiful backdrop (yet again!), this time for our couple's reception stage. We don't believe we can adore the scenery more than we already do.

These centerpieces, arranged with bright floral pieces, contained the perfect amount of natural beauty to coincide with the other prepared decor, and it paired well with the natural scenery surrounding the entire venue. If we haven't expressed it enough, scenery is everything when it comes to your special day! This space consisted of one of the most exquisite displays for this event.

Up-close view of centerpiece shown above.

To prepare these particular centerpieces, our team first used a low golden urn as its base. Using fresh roses of maroon, peach, and white shades, along with floral fillers and added greenery, we combined them together to create the most organic garden look.

When we look back on the entire decor scheme for the day, it goes without saying that every single aspect was a true pleasure for our team to create.

Like with all of our clients, bringing Annya & Himanshu's summer wedding decor vision to life was an absolute joy - and we love looking back on these wonderful photos.


Before we close out today's post, we'd like to give a special shout out to the amazing vendors that our team had the pleasure of working with during Annya & Himanshu's incredible wedding day! Be sure to check them while we credit them below.


Photography & Cinematography:

Live Streaming Coverage:

Bridal Makeup:




Thank you for checking out today's special Exclusive post! As we mentioned earlier, be sure to check out our Instagram page for additional content that we haven't showcased here. Check back next Saturday for another Exclusive blog post!

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