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A Starry Night in Crest Hollow!

Hello there, everyone! Happy Saturday! It is that time of the week to share our Exclusive post. Today, we will be covering a recent wedding reception that our team had the pleasure of preparing decor for. On Friday, October 22nd, we joined our bride & groom for their lovely post-wedding celebrations at the Crest Hollow Country Club and we were lucky to prepare both their one-of-a-kind reception stage, along with their centerpieces.

Reception stage shown above, along with personalized decal.

You may have already seen a photo of the couple's reception stage on our Instagram, but we would like to explain this beautiful space in greater detail here!

This triple-panel stage began with a starlight backdrop, and continued with two golden Jhaokha panels on both ends of this space. Along such structures and their candle wall in the very center, our team prepared these edges with asymmetrical floral arrangements of white hydrangea with white roses. In addition to our bright candle wall, we also provided a single chandelier in each Jhaokha panel that was sure to brighten up the space tenfold.

Final details of this fabulous space included four small complementing arrangements, sat on top of four golden end tables, along with the couple's gold and ivory sofa placed in the very center. For a final touch of light, we placed a single array of candles along each side edge of the stage that only added to the elegance of this custom space.

Up-close view of reception stage above.
Centerpieces shown above.

Our final Exclusive touches of this couple's beautiful wedding reception were custom centerpieces for their guests' dining tables. Such pieces included three-tier cylindrical vases that consisted of submerged flower petals and a floating candle for extra light. On remaining tables, we placed golden candelabras as a special final golden touch!


Thank you for checking out today's Exclusive post! Be sure to check back next week for another special decor coverage.

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