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Our Day at the Expo!

Hi, everyone! Happy Saturday! We do hope you all have had a great week - our team sure did! Before we get into it, we'd like to mention that today's blog post is different from our usual decor coverage. How is that, you might ask? We'll tell you!

On Wednesday, our team travelled to Edison, NJ to take part in the annual Mega Dulhan Expo! Among other companies at the lovely Pines Manor, we promoted our services to future brides & grooms that were in the search for the perfect vendors for their special day. Our team came together to prepare two custom wedding set-ups that would showcase exactly what our work is all about and where our passion lies. It was a magical convention all around, as we had the opportunity to meet many couples and hear their stories as they are in the midst of wedding planning.

In today's blog post, we will be detailing and showing our booth's decor displays from the convention, including an extravagant mandap, and a vibrant mehndi display that we have yet to share until now!

If you happen to be among those seeking wedding decor, we'd like to showcase our work here as well in order to display what our team can bring to make your big day special! We hope you enjoy!

Our custom Mehndi display shown above.

Let us begin with our Mehndi display, shall we? This colorful set-up is full of all of the perfect details to encompass your pre-wedding celebrations. You're getting married! You deserve to celebrate in style!

Our recommendations? Start out with a set of multi-layered draping, consisting of only the brightest and vibrant of tones. Shimmers of gold, red, pink, orange - any color of your choosing will definitely do the trick. Like we always say, you can never have too much shimmer, so gold will always look fabulous.

Just along the backdrop, add a few lanterns! These traditional decor pieces are a perfect way to represent the culture and true meaning of this celebration. Also, adding a pair of tall golden lanterns right in front most certainly brings the perfect, dazzling touch!

Nothing can complete a mehndi space better than by having a traditional Jhoola swing at the forefront of your stage. adorned with the most colorful of floral arrangements to add to your already bright decor! Right alongside the swing are a few decorative pillows for the perfect final touches.

Our custom Mandap + wedding aisle shown above.

Continuing on with the main event - the wedding day decor! When it comes to your big day, our team can provide a ceremony set-up that is unique to your vision. Here is an example of what we can provide for a custom floral ceremonial mandap!

Side-view of custom mandap shown above.

This display is decorated with flowers galore, containing pastel-colored roses that only make our heart swoon with delight. Pinks, purples, peaches, and touches of white made up both of the floral bars that stood high along the structure - and additional complimenting floral knots were placed along the two front-facing pillars as an extra display of flair. Along the backdrop, you will see an additional use of shimmering gold draping (because why not?) in the very center of a blush pink draping that is as classy as can be.

Up-close view of aisle decor shown above.

For this aisle display, we brought out all of the stops! Shimmers of gold were presented with our gold candelabras, and brightened to the max with an elegant display of lit candles. Of course, we needed to bring additional floral touches with two complimenting floral bars that were placed along each side of the aisle. Every bride's first walk to her groom should be as magical as can be - so, we aim to deliver that every time!


That concludes today's blog post! We do hope you enjoyed our special Dulhan Expo decor coverage. If you were unable to attend the recent Mega Dulhan Expo on Dec. 5th, you are in luck! Our team will be heading back to Pines Manor on Wednesday, March 2, 2022 for the next Dulhan Expo convention! It will be taking place from 4:00-10:00pm. Be sure to head to the official Dulhan Expo website for more details on you can attend. We hope to see you there!

Be sure to check back next week for another Saturday Exclusive. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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