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A Marigold Sangeet!

Happy Saturday everyone! We hope you all have had a great week! It is now the weekend and time to read another Exclusive post. If you have been reading our latest postings, you will have read our recent coverage on a variety of events we have been a part of! When it comes to preparing decor for a lovely brides & grooms, we have a wide repertoire of designs that we offer to our clients. Before meeting with our lead designers, we recommend looking at a variety of photos that depict your decor vision quite clearly - whether that may be one of our recent designs, or a new design that you have seen elsewhere!

That is right - our team can do their best to bring an entirely new design to life! If you have been browsing for wedding decor designs on the internet and found one that catches your eye, don't hesitate share it with our team upon your first consultation and we'll see what we can do to give it the Exclusive touch.

Recently, our team prepared decor for our clients, Shravani & Bryan for the evening of their Sangeet at The Marigold in Somerset, NJ! Upon our initial meeting with the bride & groom, they brought a Sangeet stage design to our attention that caught their eye!

One of the ideas we were presented with was one first created by the team of Pink Paisley Decor in British Columbia.

We absolutely loved this modern take of a Sangeet stage - with its intricate draping, touches of bright floral pieces, and additions of pampas grass that gave it a more natural feel.

Upon our first glance, we took inspiration from this design and decided to bring it to life for Shravani & Brian, while customizing it to their specifications and tailoring it to their specific event.

For the couple's design, we expanded the space, used different color tones, and brought it to life in a way that would be unique to them.

And.....voila! Our team went to work and brought the couple's inspiration photo to fruition! This intricate stage design is one we haven't prepared before - and we absolutely loved the finished product.

Beginning with the structure of the arch, we arranged silk mint green and cream-colored draping along the top and side edges, tying them back with silk floral arrangements that consisted of vibrant colors. Such arrangements included bright yellow and magenta roses, with a white hydrangea base and additional greenery. We placed an array of these pieces across the structure, which allowed for the color to truly pop all throughout.

Other details of this space included a variety of pampas grass - a natural piece of decor that adds a soft texture to the arrangements, and also brings a touch to the decor that gives it a natural & chic feel.

Along the sides of their love seat, we provided our golden end tables, adorned with the same floral arrangements placed along the edges of the structure. In addition, we placed golden lanterns to add the traditional Sangeet decor touch!

For their centerpieces, our team brought a modern spin on a traditional floral centerpiece.

We arranged glass geometric terrariums that made for the perfect tabletop centerpieces. Inside of these terrariums, we placed a few roses of yellow and magenta color to pair well with the couple's stage decor, along with a few final touches of baby's breath and lit votive candles.

For a final touch, we placed this geometric pieces on rustic wood slices, bring an additional natural feel to the decor.

Overall, the lovely New Jersey venue contained the perfect ballroom space to prepare the couple's Sangeet decor! We were beyond pleased with finished product.

Thank you for reading about our latest Sangeet decor for Shravani & Brian! Today, our team is joining the couple for their special wedding day decor! Be sure to check out our Instagram page for content from their special day. Stay tuned!

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