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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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The Starlight Evening!

Happy Saturday! We have a new decor coverage for you today! Yes, we haven't said anything until now - here is a little surprise! Yesterday, our team traveled to the Crest Hollow Country Club for another special decor set-up. We joined our bride & groom, Zain & Maryam for their special Nikkah ceremony in the venue's Starlight Room, where we prepared their custom stage and table centerpieces to match. In this special decor coverage, we will be detailing each aspect of the couple's beautiful evening! We hope you enjoy!


Beginning with their stage, it began with a double-panel backdrop with a straight maroon draping. To set the tone for their grand evening, we provided the most grand of details - including a large gold mandala in the center of two side wings. The gold accents and intricate detail elevate this space like no other and make our bride & groom feel like true royalty!

Two sparkly chandeliers were brought in to bring extra light to this Starlight stage, while candles were added along each end of the stage to make it even brighter than ever. For the couple's seating, we provided our elegant gold & white sofa set with two matching single chairs. And completing the set-up are an array of floral arrangements - hand-crafted by our team with white roses, hydrangea, and fresh greenery for that additional pop of color. We aimed to make Zain & Maryam feel like an absolute King and Queen on their most special evening! However, it didn't stop there!


Next up are their centerpieces!

Matching well with their ever-so-golden theme, these pieces were brought together using 3-tier candelabra gold stands, placed in between small floral arrangements! Complimenting their stage decor, we used white hydrangea bases with fresh greenery, and maroon & pink roses.

Half of the ballroom's tables consisted of these pieces, while others were prepared with a set of candles that, like their stage, brightened up their dining experience.

A set of 3-tiered candles lit up the center of their tables, surrounded by complimenting round floral arrangements.

What could be a better backdrop to this photo than their stunning golden stage? We loved every second of bringing their decor together. It was a magical evening - and to top it off, Erika from Erika Event Painting joined the couple in order to beautifully depict their evening forever in custom-made painting. It captures every stunning aspect of the bride & groom's special ceremony, including the beauty and love of the couple themselves.


Thank you for checking out today's Exclusive decor coverage! Be sure to tune back next from another Exclusive. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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