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The Popular Wedding Seasons!

Hi there, everyone! How are we all doing today? We have another blog post in store for you today! This one is quite different from those we have written before. In others, we have shared all decor aspects of our clients' beautiful wedding celebrations that we had the pleasure of being a part of in recent weeks prior. However, when you think about the whole year, when would you say our busiest wedding time would be?


When it comes to planning your picture-perfect wedding, you can plan it during any season of your choosing to ensure that your day is something you've always dreamed of! No matter which day you choose, our team will work with you to make sure it is exactly what it is supposed to be.

For our team, we are quite lucky to receive the clients that we have that make our work worthwhile - all with different scheduled dates of the year. Although, there are a few seasons that clients tend to gear toward the most, and that would be ones with a warmer climate.

Spring is the time of year where busyness for our team tends to pick up pace, specifically in the month of April! With the warmer weather approaching and the rising temperatures on their way, this is when most clients approach vendors into planning their big day, and depending on the weather, clients can potentially aim for that outdoor ceremony. According to Wedding Wire, May tends to be the most popular month for that spring wedding, taking the #4 spot in the top 5 wedding seasons! For those in the business, this is what we call "Peak Wedding Season", and this continues on through October.

And what is the number one month on that list? October! With the crisp, fall weather, this is the perfect time of year where the temperature fits just right with any indoor or outdoor setting. Not too hot, not too cold - and with the vibrant colors of the ever-changing leaves, this makes for the perfect setting for photos as well!

With April through October being the most in-demand months to book your weddings, be sure to reach out to our team now to ensure that your date is designed the way you have always envisioned.


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