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The Dulhan Expo Recap!

Hi, everyone! We hope you all have had a great week! Are you ready for a brand new Exclusive? We have another special one in store for you today.

As you all know, our team has had the honor and privilege of being a part of the incredible Dulhan Expo - a convention known for hosting a number of nationwide wedding vendors that share their services and talents with brides and grooms-to-be. Recently, on February 20th, our team headed to Princeton, NJ to be a part of the Expo's first convention of the year at the Hyatt Regency! We joined our fellow wedding vendors at the venue for the big day and prepared our booth, along with two special displays for the convention that showcased exactly what Exclusive Events is all about - only the most beautifully pristine decor for your most special day.

Today, we will be sharing details regarding these decor set-ups, along with special photos taken at this fabulous event. Be sure to sit back, relax, and enjoy today's Exclusive decor coverage.


Decor Set-Up #1:

The Exclusive Events Booth!

The Exclusive Events booth shown above.

For our booth, we needed to prepare an elegant statement that would leave potential clients in awe as they came over to inquire about our services. We arranged a floral arch, made up of a white hydrangea base, and complete with purple roses and fresh greenery for that natural touch. This lovely combination of bright, pastel colors is perfect as we soon head into the spring season very soon!

Speaking of the spring season, be sure to check out our previous blog post in which we discuss the most popular wedding color palette for 2022!

Across the table, we placed a wide array of complementing centerpieces, arranged with an elegant display of candles in between these pieces for additional flair. This was the very first display that couples were greeted with when meeting our team - so, we had to make it as beautiful as can be!


Decor Set-Up #2

Floral set-up by our team shown above.

Just beside our table is our first set-up, which is a modern take on a brand new design that we have just incorporated in our design repertoire. Tall blush pink pedestals made up this grand space, complete with a variety of floral arrangements for that special pop of color. With a white rose and hydrangea base, with additional red and pink roses, this is the perfect display of vibrant colors to brighten up your event. Contributing to the grand factor of this space is the tall height of these pink pedestals that will certainly grab your guests' attention and make the most beautiful statement.

During the convention, photographer Michelle Tilman was on site as she captured photos of the exciting event, including some with this set-up! Be sure to check out her beautiful work on her website here, along with others below who were a part of this photoshoot.

Model: Geethi

Makeup: Maliha Khan


Decor Set-Up #3

Next up, is this fabulous stage set-up! We prepared this bright, floral backdrop with the intent of it being the decor for a bridal fashion show! Our decor is perfect for every romantic occasion - including the runway!

With a blue backdrop and matching split draping, this allowed for the vibrant colors to truly pop! From red, to orange, to yellow, to purple, this made for the most beautiful setting for the convention's models to show off their amazing fashion.

Thanks to the wonderful Michelle Tilman, we these candid photos from the runway above!

Models: Geethi & Alicia N

Clothing: Mohikas LLC


Thank you for checking this week's special decor coverage! Be sure to check back next week for another Exclusive!

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