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Our Outdoor Decor Moments!

Happy Saturday, everyone! We have reached our next Saturday blog post. Today, we will be diving into a topic in which we will reminisce on previous work that we have done this year. With the weather heating up on the east coast, this time of year is very popular when it comes to outdoor weddings! In recent months, our team had the pleasure of preparing a variety of decor spaces for our couples' ceremonies under the sun. With that in mind, we wanted to dedicate this post to a few of our outdoor setups from current warm seasons that still stand out in our minds.

In addition, we share these photos as forms of potential inspiration for our future brides & grooms! Whether you're seeking to celebrate your event pool-side, by the ocean, on a rooftop, or on any other stunning outdoor property, we hope this will assist anyone in preparing their dream vision!

  1. Ruschica & Aditya - Crest Hollow Country Club


2. Rahul & Shilpa - Bedi Mansion


3. Anjli & Pradeep - The Crescent Beach Club


4. Anamika & Austin - The Bordone LIC


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