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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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An Indoor Garden Oasis!

Happy Saturday! We hope you are enjoying the start of your weekend. We have a fun Exclusive post in store for you all today! We recently had the honor of preparing decor for our bride & groom, Samavia & Atif during their wedding festivities at Fox Hollow! Our team prepared every aspect of their reception decor - from their main stage to the table centerpieces! Today, we will be sharing photos and additional details on the couple's decor for your viewing pleasure. So, sit back, relax, and read all about our Indoor Garden Oasis!


On September 7th, Samavia & Atif and their guests celebrated the couple's official union at the fabulous Fox Hollow in Woodbury, NY. The Long Island venue is known for its wide array of indoor and outdoor spaces for those to celebrate their events, weddings included! For the couple's reception, our team got to work in the venue's indoor Winter Garden Pavillion. Though its name may seem contradictory, this space couldn't have been a more ideal one to host this bright summer post-wedding celebration.

Wide shot of the venue's Winter Garden Pavillion above.

The venue's Winter Garden Pavillion contained all of the perfect aspects of what a reception space should be. Not only did it have the ideal amount of room to hold the couple, their guests, and their Exclusive decor, but their ceilings with skylights brought in the right amount of natural light! With the beautiful and sunny weather outside, it made it all the more exquisite.


Onto their decor, allow us to begin with the couple's reception stage! If you keep up with our Instagram photos, you will have seen the latest photo we have shared of the beautiful space! Here, we'd like to expand upon the decor and talk about each aspect in much greater detail.

For Samavia & Atif's reception space, our team began with a wooden arbor arch, dressed with a variety of white hydrangea and roses, with additional greenery within. Such asymmetrical arrangements were placed along the very edges of the structure itself.

To complement their arch, additional floral pieces were placed on top of two golden pedestals along their off-white sofa set. Final touches included dazzling hanging globes, along with a bright chandelier in the very center!



Next up, we'd like to discuss the couple's table centerpieces!

To pair well with the white & green floral theme, our team prepared a number of table centerpieces that most definitely contributed to the garden feel of this gorgeous venue. We arranged glass trumpet vases with white silk orchids and fresh greenery within.

When using such an arrangement, these delicate florals bring the most bold statement to your event - and we are so in love with the final product!


When it comes to your wedding cake, it is important that it is as beautiful as your decor! For the final aspect of their decor, we brought our Exclusive touches to the bride & groom's wedding cake.

For this four-tier dessert, we arranged small bunches of hydrangea & pink roses on each layer, with the top tier completed with a white hydrangea piece.

With the pink accents, this added a beautiful touch of color to their elegant decor.


Thank you for checking out today's blog post! Be sure to check back next week for another Exclusive.

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