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An Evening at the Terrace!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Hi, everyone! We hope you all have had a great week! We are very excited to jump right back into our Exclusive decor coverage today and share more insight into our clients' wedding design. Today, we will discuss recent wedding ceremony and reception designs that our team had the pleasure of preparing this past weekend. We joined our bride & groom, Lisa & Waylon, for their big day spent at the lovely Jericho Terrace!

Located in the heart of Mineola, this Long Island venue contains a truly pristine setting that can leave any partygoer totally speechless. In their "Skylight Terrace" ballroom, the bride & groom celebrated their momentous ceremony in utmost grandeur, with details of this space including a 40-ft glass skylight ceiling, glistening chandeliers, and an incredibly spacious room to accommodate all of their loved ones attending the momentous event.

With photos and videos "Exclusively" taken by our very own team, today's blog will be our own representation of the beautiful day, though we emphasize that no photo can do this stunning event justice. Continue reading to see how Exclusive Events brought together Lisa & Waylon's most special wedding day decor! We hope you enjoy looking back on it, just as we wholeheartedly enjoyed putting this space together.


First, it was time to set the stage for their big ceremony by including decor that, not only matched well with their elegant surroundings, but included grand accents that complemented the couple's style. For this design, we set for an open mandap concept, complete with a cherry arch and hanging globes for that special touch of sparkle. 5-ft tall cherry blossom trees made up the sides, white shorter trees sat atop white pedestals just beside their seating area. In accordance with the white toned theme, our team included our silver sankheda chairs with additional white cushions. And, what ceremonial stage would be complete without a silver havan kund and bajots!

All of these special details combined made up the space where Lisa & Waylon said "I do" - but, our couple needed an entrance that would complete their memorable ceremony!


For the bride's walk down the aisle, she needed one that would match your absolute beauty.

This aisle began with a white acrylic runner, approximately 4-ft wide and 40-ft long! Two glass vases made up each side of the aisle, while two white pedestals were placed along the edges of the stage.

All were arranged with white hydrangea and white roses to pair well with the event's design motif. At the very start of the aisle, we placed 4 cherry blossom trees, all of which were arranged with silk flower bases. Check out our latest post on Instagram to see the incredible walk-through of this entire aisle decor.


Following their gorgeous ceremony, it was time to celebrate! Our team continued this magical day by arranging the couple's table centerpieces. To continue with the couple's floral theme, their guests' dining table arrangements were prepared with white hydrangea, white roses, and white carnations. With its tall height and exquisite floral combination, there's no denying that these pieces made a grand statement for this occasion.


And finally, Lisa & Waylon's sweetheart table! Each aspect of this space is absolute magic. The top of their table consisted of an all-white floral runner with fresh greenery, while fresh cherry blossom trees surrounded this fabulous seating area. These beautiful displays were the perfect final pieces to complete our bride & groom's most stunning day - and it was beyond a pleasure to be a part of it all.


Be sure to check out our fellow vendors that we had the pleasure of working with throughout the course of our bride & groom's wedding events.

Vendor List

Location: Jericho Terrace

DJ & MC: DJ Dynamik

Dry Ice/Dancing on Clouds Effect: NY Event Productions


Thank you for checking out the latest Exclusive decor coverage! Check back next week for another Exclusive.

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