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Anjli & Pradeep: The Mehndi Ceremony

Updated: May 21, 2021

Happy Saturday, everyone! Thank you for taking the time to check out today's weekly blog post. This posting will be exceptionally vibrant and colorful, as we cover content from our clients Anjli & Pradeep's recent Mehndi ceremony! The ceremony took place at the wonderful Metropolitan in Glen Cove, NY.

This day signifies the start of the brand new journey that the bride & groom will embark on together. It is an event that takes place on the day before the official wedding ceremony - and the couple's esteemed friends and family gather around to celebrate the union on its eve. Guests treat the bride & groom to lovely sweets, and often donate to the couple's beloved charity in honor of the union as well. When it comes the decor, it is traditionally as bright and as radiant as can be. If you know our team, you know we always aim to impress.

For Anjli & Pradeep's Mehndi celebration, they deserved the best of the best. Starting out with the entrance, guests were greeted by a wooden sign that stated only the most fun aspects of the upcoming day, including dining food, as well as the anticipated Mehndi ceremony. With bright yellow and pink flower petals and a lit lantern on top of it, the venue's grand piano was a sneak peek into the decor for the day.

The dining table centerpieces consisted of bright lanterns and flower petals as well, while also being dressed with white and green table cloths!

For the main event, our team prepared a show-stopping mehndi stage, fit for wonderful celebration. The space consisted of our very own "Paisley Mattar" mehndi set-up, as seen on our website.

All colors shined on that stage - from purple, to yellow, to blue, to pink - you name it! The golden swing paired well with the golden paisley stands, along with the lanterns placed on both sides. It was truly a sight to behold - and the wedding day hadn't happened yet!

As this post goes live, the wedding will have officially happened! We won't reveal much - but, all we will say was that this ceremony was an absolute spring dream. You aren't ready! Stay tuned for upcoming posts from our Instagram page, as well as next Saturday's blog post documenting the whole experience!

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