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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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A Shining, Shimmering Reception!

Happy Saturday, everyone! We hope you all have had the greatest week. Despite the current chilly conditions, our team has been very elated lately to have been a part of a few recent wedding events for a very special couple. If you have been following our recent blog posts, you would have seen our blog coverage on Zain & Maryam's fabulous Nikkah ceremony decor from their evening at the Crest Hollow Country Club! It was a pleasure for our team to prepare the golden stage for their event that took place in the venue's Starlight Ballroom! If you haven't checked that blog post out, we suggest you read it before beginning this one.

Our work with our lovely bride & groom did not end with their ceremony stage, as we continued onto their reception decor as well! We joined them for their post-wedding celebrations at Leonard's Palazzo. The Great Neck venue was the perfect setting for our couple's grand celebrations as it contained all of the perfect space to accommodate the special occasion and its decor.

Our Exclusive team prepared Zain & Maryam's special stage, along with each of their guests' table centerpieces as well, both of which followed the same vibrant motif! You may have already seen a few photos on our Instagram lately - but today, we will be discussing each aspect of the couple's decor in greater detail here. We hope you enjoy today's special edition of the Exclusive blog!

Zain & Maryam's custom stage shown above.

Allow us to begin with the main event - their custom stage! Acting as the forefront of the ballroom, this shining space was full of vibrant colors and intricate textures in every single angle. Beginning with their backdrop, this was made using our special Starlight fabric, which is just a little bit of sparkle compared to other details we have included. In the very center is a white, maharaja arch standing tall over the space, containing intricate detailing that already elevates the grandeur of this space like never before. Just beside this arch are two gold frames that, along with the draping, add a beautiful shimmer of golden accents and create an even more lavish feel.

Continuing on with the sparkle, we added a trio of bright chandeliers to provide additional light and to add a special elegant touch, just as we did with additional candles that were placed along the edges of the stage. As for the couple's floral work, the arches were adorned with pink & white roses from top to bottom, bringing in a pop of bright pastel colors to complement this very warm occasion. Such arrangements were also placed on tall white pedestals, just beside the couple's gold & ivory sofa set.

The next and final touch of this space stands out as one of our favorite and unique pieces that we offer to our clients. On the left side of the above photo, you'll notice our peacock decor piece! Full of life and bright with color, the peacock is a beautiful representation of the new chapter our couple has embarked on together. We brought together this modern piece using a fresh flower tail, made up of only colorful orchids that bring a new level of vibrance. Check out an up-close view of this piece in the video below!

Tall centerpiece shown above.

Following their stage decor came their table centerpieces! In order to make sure each aspect of their decor worked as one cohesive whole, these floral arrangements were handcrafted using the same colored pastels as we used for their stage arrangements. As you can see in the photo above, we prepared round centerpieces with a tall, clear vase. Here is a decor tip! When it comes to your centerpieces, remember that adding a bit of height will contribute to a more grand ambience! A tall centerpiece is destined to make a bold and grand statement, no matter the event. With a combination of fresh greenery, white hydrangea, pink roses and magenta roses, the goal for these particular arrangements was to display a piece that had a more organic look. And of course, we also had to add a bit of sparkle with hanging globes! What better way to make a stand-out statement than with a little bit of shimmer?

Small centerpiece shown above.

For the remaining table centerpieces, we provided the same previous floral combination in a smaller, round arrangement. Though different in size, this displays the perfect contrast of size among each centerpiece that is neat and pleasing to the eye, while also maintaining the same organic look. This organic theme ties well into the meaning of this occasion, as our bride & groom have only a love for each other that comes naturally and lasts for a lifetime.

Wedding cake design shown above.

The final aspect of our couple's decor coverage is their extravagant wedding cake! Of course, we had to create a look that ties well with the vibrant motif - so, we added an array of pink and magenta cascading roses, along with bright blue orchids that drape down like a set of peacock feathers. As we stood back and took a glance of the finished products of each decor piece, we were in love with this beautiful display of colors. Our team thoroughly enjoyed bringing each aspect of Zain & Maryam's beautiful wedding celebration - and it was our honor to be a part of it all!


Thank you for checking out today's special blog post! We hope you enjoyed reading all about it, just as we had fun preparing it all! Be sure to check out our fellow vendors that were a part of the Zain & Maryam's wonderful wedding events as well.

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Be sure to check back next Saturday for another special Exclusive post!

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