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A Rooftop Exclusive!

Happy Saturday, everyone! As we always say, we truly hope you've enjoyed your week. Our team most definitely did! Last weekend, our team assisted a bride & groom in making their outdoor ceremonial dreams come true and allowing them to feel like they're on top of the clouds.

If you have seen last week's Exclusive post, you would have read all about the Sangeet decor our team arranged for Shravani & Bryan at The Marigold! Well, the fun did not stop there. A few days following their pre-wedding celebrations, our Exclusive team joined the couple for their beautiful wedding day that took place at the Hyatt House in Jersey City. We had the pleasure of handling every design aspect of the special day - everything from their outdoor mandap to the indoor reception's elegant decor.

Before we get into details regarding our decor arrangements, allow us to give us a brief backstory on the beautiful couple and how their wedding came to fruition. In the past year, there have been many engaged couples that have had to postpone the most memorable day of their lives. Shravani & Bryan originally planned for their wedding celebrations to take place in 2020 - however, in the midst of the pandemic, they unfortunately had to reschedule it for a later date.

By the time the wedding day came on August 21st, news forecasts were brewing with the upcoming arrival of Hurricane Henri, which was predicted to impact the northeast in the coming hours. With cloudy skies making its way through, the bride & groom had concerns about their outdoor wedding being affected due to the potential rainfall. However, the clouds failed to rain on the couple's parade! Thankfully, our team was able to prepare their outdoor mandap and decor accordingly, and their rooftop ceremony was able to take place as planned without a single rain drop.

Now, let us continue to discuss what upcoming decor arrangements our team had in store!

Welcome sign for Shravani & Bryan's wedding above.

Beginning with the entrance, we provided a Ganesha statue that would be displayed upon guests' arrival to the outdoor rooftop.

Ganesha statue with floral arrangements above.

Our team added our own decor elements to the statue, arranging two silk floral pieces that consisted of white hydrangea and pink roses. With the upcoming storm passing the wedding venue, it is clear that the symbol of good fortune and prosperity truly provided the couple with beautiful luck throughout the day.


As guests made their way through the entrance, they were led onto the venue's indoor patio, that opened up onto the rooftop that would hold Shravani & Bryan's wedding ceremony. This patio would later hold the couple's cocktail hour for the evening. Our team dressed the entrance with silk draping of peach, red, and shimmering gold colors. Such draping paired well with their outdoor decor that would follow during their outdoor ceremony. In addition to the draping, we also prepared small centerpieces that were similar to those placed on the tables at their Sangeet. These small terrariums, that contained silk flowers and greenery, were the perfect modern touch to the decor arrangements.

Following the indoor patio comes the outdoor aisle decor! On the rooftop space, this particular area is held for the venue's dining arrangements for guests - however, this space was prepared specifically for Shravani & Bryan's wedding ceremony.

For reference, here is a photo of the rooftop deck as it was before the ceremony preparation.

Rooftop photo above (taken by Hyatt House Jersey City).

As seen here, the Rooftop offers an outdoor dining area for regular guests and welcomes them to dine by the fire that is in the very center of the table, making for a truly one of a kind dining experience. Now, for the floor plan of the decor, such chairs were removed and replaced with aisle seating on both sides, facing in the direction of the New York City skyline toward the bride & groom's mandap. As for the table, our original plan included placing floral centerpieces in glass vases along the center - however, we soon changed this plan last-minute as we were made aware that such placements of the vases could be a potential fire hazard. So, our team put their heads together and came up with a new display for these flowers that were also safe to place - and it turned out to be even more beautiful than before!



Original decor plan shown above.


For each of the 7 vases that we placed, we took out the bunches of white florals from the vases and arranged them in an organized line along the center of the table in a way that would be 100% safe. Once the bride saw the final product of these flowers, she was more than thrilled with the new changes! Shravani couldn't get enough of this display and raved about it to our team. We love receiving such positive reactions from our clients - that is why we love what we do!


Onto the main event - the couple's ceremonial mandap! If you keep up with our Instagram page, it is likely that you have already seen the finished product for their mandap - but, before we go ahead detailing this aspect of decor, we'd like to sincerely thank you all that have reached out with your kind words! We have received a gracious amount of love for this set-up, and we appreciate it more than you know.

Shravana & Bryan's ceremonial mandap shown above.

This wooden sleek mandap consisted of an array of peach-colored draping, covering the ceiling of the structure, as well as each of the sides. To tie back this draping set, our team used large asymmetrical flower bouquets that truly dressed up this space. Such bouquets included florals of blush, peach, orange, and red colors. To add a more natural feel, we added fresh greenery as another special touch. As for the furniture, our team provided the seating arrangements for the couple and their family, along with an elegant coffee table to complete it.

Side angle of ceremonial mandap shown above.

Just before the couple's ceremony, Bryan & their guests took part in his Baraat procession to the ceremony! Taken from our Instagram stories, here is a special inside clip from our team as they were present during this extravaganza!

Are you able to spot our Mandap in this video?


Following the couple's ceremony, they and their guests made their way into the reception! For this space, our team arranged fresh flower centerpieces for the guests' dining tables. Such arrangements included a variety of blush and orange roses, as well as white hydrangea and added natural greenery. In addition, we also included 5 sets of 3-tiered glass candle-holders, as well as small candle votives as well. With a view of the Manhattan skyline as they dine, this dining experience was truly immaculate.

Wide view of reception decor shown above.
Up-close view of centerpieces shown above.

Following the table centerpieces, next came the final piece of decor - the sweetheart table! For their luxurious reception, the bride & groom need a beautiful space to dine at! For Shravani & Bryan's sweetheart table, we began by dressing the table with a blush pink table cloth, and draped a rose-gold sequin linen to give it a perfect amount of sparkle. Along the edge, we placed a custom fresh floral runner, made up of white hydrangea, pink roses, and greenery to complement their centerpiece decor.

Up-close view of sweetheart table above.

Like, the sweetheart table, we placed blush & rose-gold sequined draping along the arch that stood tall above the couple's dining area. This sequined decor most definitely represented the couple's day well as it shined bright like no other.

From preparing their Sangeet decor at The Marigold, to bringing their wedding vision to life at the Hyatt House, we enjoyed every single minute of it all. It was an honor for our team to be witness to Shravani & Bryan's most beautiful celebration - and we wish them all of the love and happiness in the world as they venture into this beautiful new chapter together.


Shravana & Bryan's Event Vendors:

Venue (Sangeet): The Marigold

Venue (Ceremony): Rooftop at Exchange Place

Venue (Reception): Hyatt House of Jersey City

Decor: Exclusive Events

Cinematography/Live Streaming: Jayesh Production

Entertainment: Magic Mike DJs


Thank you for checking out today's coverage on Shravana & Bryan's beautiful wedding celebrations! Be sure to check back next Saturday for another Exclusive post!


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