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A Night at Villa Lombardi's - An Exclusive Look

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On March 27th, our team travelled to Holbrook, NY to arrange reception decor for our wedded clients, Mehreen & Zeryab! We, along with their guests, experienced the "Lombardi Tradition" during their evening at Long Island's very own, Villa Lombardi's. Their slogan states: "Our specialty is your happily ever after." With a saying like that, we were honored to collaborate with the venue in making Mehreen & Zeryab's "happily ever" after truly significant!

First, for this special occasion, we have this special video that takes you through the magical space - a video that makes you feel as if you walked through the space in-person!

Now, when it comes to a reception, decor is everything. First, there is the reception stage - the forefront of the venue where the newlyweds sit like a king and a queen. We arranged a wide stage with three golden-cushioned seats, along with pink and white drapings that perfectly dress the backdrop, and stunning cherry blossom arches that enhance the natural beauty of the space like never before.

Reception stage decor shown above.

In addition to this beautiful stage, our team arranged floral centerpieces that paired well with the decor of the space! Peach-colored lines dressed each dining table, topped with hydrangea & rose centerpieces, along with perfectly-lit candles that brightened up the space even more during its evening gathering.

View of the candle-lit reception tables above.

And....what event is complete without a beautiful monogram honoring the bride & groom?

That concludes this week's post commemorating this beautiful event! Thank you for taking the time to look back on Mehreen & Zeryab's special evening! Be sure to check our blog next Saturday for more exclusive content from our latest events.

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