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A Bright Evening Reception!

Hi there, everybody! We have reached our next Exclusive decor coverage! Before we get into it, we'd like to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving! To say that we are thankful for all of our incredible clients and the work we do would be a complete understatement. Our entire family is truly grateful to be a part of your special day and to be able to bring your decor vision to life. We truly hope you all enjoyed this special holiday with those you love!

With that being said, allow us to discuss a recent wedding that our team had the utmost pleasure of being a part of. Our Exclusive team joined our bride & groom, Drishti & Sargamjit for their lovely wedding celebrations at the Crest Hollow Country Club! We have shared a photo of their fabulous stage on our Instagram, though we are to discuss that and other aspects of their decor in extensive detail! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy today's post!

Wide-shot of reception stage above.

First off, thank you to our lovely venue for providing their 24 by 12ft stage for this special evening decor. Our work began with a triple-panel backdrop, covered with our shining starlight draping to ensure this space shines like no other. Directly in front is a green moss wall with the bride & groom's last name in bright lights. When it comes to a milestone event like this, it is important to showcase the guests of honor in the best way, are we right?

Continuing on, we placed a single white frames on each end and the center of the stage's backdrop, along two additional candle walls that were placed alongside as a perfect detail of flair! Around the edges of these separate structures, we placed asymmetrical floral bouquets, all made up of a white base with blush pink & peach flowers.

Complementing these pieces are 8 additional round arrangements - 2 of which placed on white pedestals on each end of the stage, 2 placed on white end tables beside the couple's seating, and 4 were arranged along the floor of the space. With all of these combined, it is truly a floral dream of a display! Its warm and bright tones are truly an exquisite sight to behold, ideal for this warm occasion!

As if this space couldn't be more beautiful and brighter, we arranged arrays of lit candles along the edge of the couple's stage, which were the ideal details to complete our bride & groom's custom stage!

Side view of reception stage above.

Another special area of decor for this evening included the couple's wedding cake, which our team adorned with blush roses and greenery - and around this specialty dessert are rose petals that we scattered as one final touch.


That concludes our Exclusive Post! Thank you for reading all about Drishti & Sargamjit's custom reception decor at the Crest Hollow Country Club! Congratulations to our beautiful bride & groom on such a momentous occasion and we give our sincerest thanks for allowing our team to be a part of your special day.

Be sure to check back next week for another special Exclusive decor coverage!


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