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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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A Backyard Dream!

Hi there, everyone! Welcome to another Exclusive post! Today's coverage will follow our team's recent decor styling for our bride & groom, Amanda & Raymond, for their at-home outdoor wedding ceremony. Here, we will detail the couple's wedding aisle decor, as well as their grand wedding mandap! You may have already seen a few photos of the final decor photos on our Instagram - but here, we will go into extensive detail regarding each special aspect of the day, while also sharing Exclusive content that was taken by our team as preparation was underway. We hope you enjoy!


Our preparation began on the night before the couple's big day, so that we were better able to ensure that each decor aspect would be perfect and ready to go for the ceremony that would take place in the morning that followed. Taking place in the couple's backyard, our team was equipped to bring their decor vision to life for their intimate outdoor ceremony.

Ganesha statue shown above.

Beginning with their entrance, our team arranged a table with decor that would greet their guests upon their arrival. This included a tall Ganesha statue that stood as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity as the couple began their journey into lifelong matrimony.

With our Exclusive touch, we adorned the statue at its feet with natural greenery and provided miniature vases with fresh floral arrangements, which were arranged using yellow flowers and fresh baby's breath.

Following this aspect of decor, we continued by arranging the seating area in which the couple's close family and friends would stay to view the couple's formal union.

Ceremonial seating shown above.

For this special ceremonial seating decor, our team hand-crafted special floral arrangements atop the top left corner of each individual chair. This consisted of an array of green hydrangea, along with an addition of baby's breath and white roses. As you can see, these floral combinations were created in order to complement the standing wedding decor.


Following their seating decor, then came the aisle decor!

We've shared this photo recently on our Instagram page; but, we'd also like to discuss it here as well!

This is one of 6 shepherd hooks that were placed along each side of the wedding aisle. These hand-crafted floral arrangements were designed by our team using white hydrangeas, white roses, and additional greenery.

Such arrangements were placed along the couple's 20-ft. long mirror aisle that they would soon walk down to begin their ceremony.

Wedding aisle shown above.

Here comes the bride! Here is the walkway that our bride Amanda walked down to meet her groom. What better way to showcase wedding decor than by showcasing it twice! The reflective factor of this piece is truly a crowd-stunner.

At the very end, we see this custom outdoor ceremonial stage our team crafted for our bride & groom. This 12-ft. wide space can only be considered to be an absolute oasis. Beginning with the very back of the stage, our team arranged an 8-ft. tall green moss wall. This backdrop was adorned with a number of pieces of hanging wisteria, some of many pieces that would hang across the top-interior of the tent. Two white cherry blossom trees were placed long the backside of the stage, while two larger wisteria trees stood high and tall above the front end of the stage. For the seating arrangements, we placed two heart-shaped gold-rimmed chairs, along with additional two chairs, a havan kund, 2 bajots, and two white lanterns at the edge of the stage. For extra touches of sparkle, we included a chandelier at the very top of the structure.

Mandap (with all seating) shown above.



Thank you for reading our latest blog post that details Amanda & Raymond's recent wedding ceremony! Congratulations to the bride & groom on beginning this magical part of their lives together! It was a pleasure to bring your decor vision to life and to be a part of your special day.


Before we close out this post, here are a few fellow vendors that took part in this special event.

Photographer: Faisal Photography


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