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Vanita & Tobin's Sangeet Decor!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Today, we have special coverage for you. We will be covering content from our newlyweds', Vanita & Tobin's, recent Sangeet celebration at The Inn in New Hyde Park! As you may have seen already on our Instagram page, we have since posted a photo of their Sangeet stage, as prepared by our lovely decor team. However, we have additional details that we'd like to share here as well!

Vanita & Tobin's Sangeet stage shown above.

Beginning with their stage, their backdrop began with a blush back draping. The color scheme for the space consisted of using tones of yellows and pinks across each aspect of the decor. For a traditional Sangeet celebration, the decor is incredibly vibrant and bright in color, so we made sure to create a space that would be representative of that ideal.

Continuing with their stage, next is their floral arch! This silk floral arch consisted of light pink, yellow, and hot pink roses. To add to the exquisite style of the arch, we added a wide array of pampas grass. This soft, feathery arrangement made for a wonderful accent piece for this particular stage. Once the arch was completed, the finished product stood high and tall above the couple's light yellow bench. This bench would act as their special throne for the evening to sit and watch as their guests celebrated their upcoming union.

As we always say, details are everything! That is why we added two side tables on both sides of the bench, with a white lantern placed on each one. Such lanterns were also placed beside the bench, and were adorned with few bright roses in order to pair well with the arch above. Final details included white uplighting to brighten up this already vibrant stage - and following the stage decor were the centerpieces!

Up-close view of table decor shown above.

Pairing with the theme of their stage, our team prepared white lanterns with fresh roses and sunflower touches as well. Along the tables, we arranged two pieces of pampas grass, with lit votive candles to bring extra light to the guests' dining experience.

Overhead view of table decor shown above.

It was a pleasure for our team to be apart of Vanita & Tobin's pre-wedding celebrations - but, the fun didn't stop there!

One thing we have yet to mention is that our team also handled the bride & groom's reception decor!

On the day following their Sangeet, the couple finally said "I do" and celebrated their official marriage with their esteemed guests at The Surf Club on The Sound!

Our team travelled to the New Rochelle venue to prepare the couple's reception stage. With wide-open ballrooms and a gorgeous panoramic ocean view, this location most certainly does not disappoint.

Reception stage shown above.

Their reception decor consisted of a double-panel stage as the base, with straight white draping along the backdrop. Silk flowers were arranged as a top floral bar, and continued to cascade down as it wrapped around golden stands of the structure.

Bright colors of white and peach were the color pairing of this fabulous space - as we placed peach and white roses along a white hydrangea base, with additional hanging green amaranthus. Such floral arrangements were also placed in two golden vases that stood on both sides of the platform. To bring extra light, we placed our gold shooting star candles on each side of the backdrop, as well as candles along the edge of the platform that were lit during the evening reception.

We were honored to have been a part of Vanita & Tobin's magical pre-wedding and post-wedding celebrations. We would like to share the names of the special vendors that we were lucky to work alongside in making their events come to life.


Credited Vendors:

Location (Sangeet): The Inn at New Hyde Park

Location (Reception): The Surf Club on The Sound

Cinematography: Sky Cinema Films

Hair & Makeup: Kanwal Batool

DJ/Entertainment: DJ USA Events


Before we conclude this post, we'd like to formally congratulate Vanita & Tobin! From our team at Exclusive Events, we'd like to sincerely wish you both a lifetime of happiness in this beautiful new chapter together!

Thank you for checking out today's coverage for Vanita & Tobin! Be sure to check back next week for another Exclusive post!


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