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The Exclusive Process!

Hi there, everyone! First, we'd like to say that, for all our fellow citizens of the east coast, we hope that you are all staying safe during the first Blizzard of 2022. This is the time to stay inside, get cozy, and stay warm!

We have a blog post that is different from what we usually post. In the past week, our team has shared a few advertisements on our social media pages! We did so in order to grab the attention of those that may not be familiar with our work. Through the social media posts that we create, that is one of our main intentions! We normally share decor coverage-related posts through our blog, but today, we would like to share what the typical process is like when planning an event with our team - the step-by-step process that it takes to bring a decor set-up to life for each event.

If you're planning your big day and ask yourself, "How can I begin this process?" Let us tell you!


Step #1: Reach Out To Our Team!

The first step is contacting our team directly with your event details! With the perks of social media, our team is available 24/7 through our Facebook and Instagram pages. Feel free to share a message through our Direct Messages, along with your event date(s), location(s), and what decor you are seeking! Don't forget to also share your phone number and email address, so that our team will be able to contact you directly to stay in touch!

If you're not used to using social media or if you don't have access to our team's platforms at all, you are in luck! Feel free to call us up during our office hours at (516) 942-3925 in order to speak one-on-one with an Exclusive representative. These hours are between 10:00am - 6:00pm EST, from Tuesday through Saturday!

In addition, we are also available by email at! By emailing us, we highly recommend you send, along with your event details, photos of the decor you're seeking! This may be photos of our previous designs, or any other inspiration photos that have caught your eye! This will help us have a good idea of what exactly you're looking for for your big event. Remember, we are available to provide decor for all of your Southasian wedding events. From your Mehndi, to your Sangeet, to your ceremony, to your reception, don't hesitate to speak with our team.

Keep in mind, our team is based in the Farmingdale area of Long Island, NY - so, we primarily provide our services to those events located in the New York area, Connecticut, and New Jersey.


Step #2: Schedule a Consultation!

Once you have been in touch with a member our team, made us aware of your event details, and we have confirmed our availability for your date(s), it is time to meet up and discuss more!

Due to safety precautions of the current pandemic, we do offer several different options to accommodate our first meeting with you in a way that will allow you to feel safe at all times.

  1. Zoom

Following the initial conditions of the pandemic, we began offering to hold our meetings with our clients over Zoom! This would allow you to video-chat with our team from the comfort of your own home. With the ability to screen-share through the program, our designers would be able to share their computer screen during the session in order to conveniently show you photos of our designs, even without physically being with us in the office.

2. Over-the-Phone Consultations

If you are unable to access Zoom, our team is also available by phone! We are able to speak with you over the phone in order to discuss your event details in depth.

3. In-Person

Come see us in-person! Rest assured, our team has taken all safety measures to ensure that all of our clients are always welcome to join us in-office more safely than ever! We make sure our Farmingdale office is a 100% clean, sanitized environment to safely hold your first meeting. As additional precautions, we offer masks in our lobby before you enter the main offices in order to prevent any concern and to make sure all of our clients feel 100% comfortable. We couldn't be happier to hold our meetings in-person.

Depending on your preference, we offer our meetings in each of the three varieties in order to make sure that all of our clients are totally happy and comfortable!


Step #3: Time to Meet!

In your first consultation with our team, our designers will discuss your event details at greater length with you. This is where you will tell our team exactly what you are seeking, and we will show different aspects of our design repertoire that can fit the vision that you are seeking, and work from there! All of our designs can be customized and tailored to your needs. Depending on your budget, we will do our best to provide designs that will fit within your specific price-point - designs that are as beautiful as ever, while also not breaking your budget!


Step #4: Here We Go!

Following your first consultation, our team has now reserved your date(s)! Our designers will schedule another meeting or two with you until your scheduled event(s) in order to finalize each design aspect of your wedding events. Once your contract is signed and official, we are now in the preparation process of your design(s), bringing together our team to craft the decor aspects of your choosing.

Keep in mind, our designers are always available by phone, email, and through our social media platforms if you may have any questions or concerns regarding your custom decor details. We understand that planning your big day is stressful, but don't fret! We will be with you every single step of the way in order to ensure you receive only the best possible service - guaranteed.


Step #5: Time for the Big Day!

We have neared closer to your big event(s)! Depending on where your event(s) will be held, our team will confirm with your venue(s) beforehand in order to make sure we have ample time to prepare each aspect of your decor set-up before your event(s)' start time. From our offices to your event, our team will deliver and set-up your decor at the location you have scheduled with us. We will be there before your event begins, so you can view your decor before your guests arrive as the first reveal!

Once your event is complete, we will pick-up, take down, and and clean up the decor from your event, as promised. Throughout the duration of our time with you, our team may take a few photos here and there of your decor - so be on the lookout on our Instagram page! Your decor just may be posted for the world to see.

We will make sure your event's decor is exactly what you have envisioned! With our team's 20+ years-combined expertise in wedding design, we guarantee that your event will be Exclusive and unique to you!


That is the step-by-step Exclusive client process! If you're in the midst of choosing your dream wedding designer, be sure to consider our team for all of our wedding decor needs. Head to our website to view the list of all of the services that we offer. Also, take a look at our Instagram! This is where we share all of our recent designs, so be sure to check our page out for any decor inspiration! Make your wedding day Exclusive - we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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