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The Best Spring Color Schemes!

Happy Saturday! Today's post will be different from others. Upon deciding a topic for today's post, we sat and we reflected on previous weddings we recently had the pleasure of preparing decor for. We recognize that most of our decor schemes had one thing in common - the color tones!

Our recent events consisted of floral arrangements with warm & bright tones, and we couldn't recommend these more when it comes to planning the decor for either your spring or summer wedding. According to an article by Dallas Oasis, these are just a few of the best ideas of color coordinating decor, as presented by the weddings of a few of our lovely clients.


Color Scheme #1: Pastels & Dark Accents

When it comes to light colors, pastel-toned florals contain just the right amount of warmth to pair well with the warm weather, and bright enough to allow a more calm and serene feel for a wedding ceremony or reception. As shown below with Komal & Prince's wedding ceremony, we added additional floral arrangements that consisted of darker hues, which allows for the right amount of contrast that is comfortable for the naked eye.


Color Scheme #2: Fuchsia, Gold, and Turquoise

Next up on the list, we have a bright and vibrant Fuchsia to throw into the mix! This floral arrangement is perfect to pair well with peach or gold tones. Two gorgeous examples of this colorful spring vision include our ceremonial mandap for Anamika & Austin at The Bordone (photo taken by Jashim Jalal Studios), along with the reception stage that we prepared for the lovely Chaman & Abbad.

Anamika & Austin's ceremonial mandap above.
Chaman & Abbad's reception stage above.


Color Scheme #3: Different Shades of Pink

One of the best tones for the spring season is a simple shade of pink! However, why not use multiple shades? What is so lovely about this color is that it is so versatile. Mixing different shades of pink together within floral arrangements allows for a more vibrant contrast among such bright colors. Recently, our team brought this design vision to life in Nirmal & Tintu's beautiful reception decor at Terrace on the Park.


Color Scheme #4: Minimalistic Green & White

Sometimes, the saying goes, "less is more!" That is why we love using this technique when creating a piece of decor. When it comes to preparing a beautiful piece, simplicity is everything. For instance, bringing together a simple color combination, such as green & white florals, it creates such a contrast that makes both colors pop and thus becomes a standout piece at any event. As an example, our team prepared this white hydrangea & rose centerpiece for Sarah & Shane's outdoor Nikah ceremony. (The photographer for their ceremony is Faisal Photography.)


Color Scheme #5: Light Pinks & Peaches

Another favorite color scheme of ours involves warm, light color tones that pair well together. As stated in the article, using light tones of pinks & peaches creates a subtle beauty that can't be beat. Using light tones of either color, combined or separate, makes for a stunning natural look. This example below was at our recent reception decor for the lovely Ahmad & Mariam at The Garden City Hotel.

For more regarding the best seasonal color schemes, be sure to head to the credited article by Dallas Oasis to see more recommended ideas. Thank you to the Dallas Oasis for sharing such wonderful tips!

Be sure to check back next week for another Exclusive Post!


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