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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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Prabhdeep & Amritpal | A Wedding Inside Look

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On our Exclusive Events' social media platforms, including Facebook & Instagram, we have a weekly set of posts that honor special married couples that we've prepared decor for in the past. We hold a weekly "Bride & Groom of the Week", in which we share posts of the wedding decor we prepared for that chosen couple, while also sharing special stories, told from the perspective of the bride, regarding the origins of the couple's love story and the process that went into preparing for their big wedding celebrations.

This week, as of January 19th, we have been honoring Prabhdeep & Amritpal, a couple from Queens, NY, that proclaimed their love for one another in front of their esteemed loved ones back in 2018. We had the pleasure of preparing floral centerpieces for their Sikh wedding ceremony at the Sikh Cultural Society Gurudwara, as well as their evening stage and dining room decor for their reception that followed at the Marigold in New Jersey.

We have been sharing a multitude of photos from their celebrations that have been provided by the wonderful team at Vivid Capture Studio, and shared with us by those behind the blog, Maharani Weddings. With their stunning shots of every aspect of the wedding, we have been happy to share the most special moments of Prabhdeep & Amritpal's big day. Of course, not only must you capture photos of the celebrations, but you should take a video that can be treasured and watched for years to come.

With the help of their incredible cinematographers and editors, Vivid Capture Studio filmed a breathtaking video of every aspect of Prabhdeep & Amritpal's wedding celebrations - and edited it for viewing the next day that followed! Their remarkable talent for putting together a spectacular video in such a short amount of time should not go unnoticed, so we shall share that video with you all in this blog. Reminisce with us as we view Prabhdeep & Amritpal tie the knot!



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