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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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Nancy & Aalekh | Throwback Thursday

Updated: May 19, 2021

At Exclusive Events, we are very lucky to have been a part of many special moments in people's lives. We enjoy bringing wedding celebrations to life with the decor that we provide for our clients, and it is our goal make sure our clients' vision is fulfilled.

With the photos we have taken, along with our social media platforms that are a collection of those photos, we love to take the time and reminisce on past events that we've had the pleasure of working on. It allows us to draw more inspiration from past work into today's even more elaborate and spectacular pieces, and also helps us remember the utmost special moments of our clients' events.

In recent blog posts, we have shared our admiration for the team at Maharani Weddings, a blog that supports a variety of wedding vendors for a multitude of events nationwide - our team of decorators and designers included. They have shared a number of wedding celebrations that our team has been a part of - and the support they have and continue to show our team is extremely kind and humbling.

On this very #throwbackthursday, we'd like to go back and share the one of the very first blog post that the writers at Maharani Weddings shared that gave a kind shout out to our team! This post was shared March 21, 2017 - nearly four years ago! Maharani Weddings blogger, Neha, shared details of the wedding of Melinee and Karmvir, a wedding that took place in Queens, NY. Courtesy of the wonderful team at Events Capture, we'd like to share the beautifully-edited footage of the couple's wedding celebration, so that you all can reminisce with us!

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