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Proposal Season | A Look Back

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

As we make our way toward 2021, we recognize the start of a new chapter with new beginnings. One thing we take pride in with our work is that we prepare decor arrangements for newly-wedded couples at the very start of their most beautiful chapter together. To say we take part in such a momentous occasion makes us feel truly honored.

We would like to take a moment to share appreciation for Maharani Weddings - a blog that shares professional photos and details of some of the most beautiful weddings, recognizing couples' special captured moments, along with the vendors that take part in making those wedding celebrations come together so perfectly. These posts are aimed for those seeking inspiration, guidance, and recommendations on how to make their upcoming special day so memorable.

An incredible part of their blog postings is how each of the Maharanis, or Queens, are interviewed and asked about the origins of their relationship with their new spouse. With that being said, we'd like to share several proposal stories that were shared by our brides.

(Be sure to click on each photo to see more of the amazing work

by the photographers who have provided the following photos.)


Couple #1: Avneet & Raymon


"Raymon knows me better than I know myself, and he planned our proposal intricately. It was the weekend of our Residency Match Day, so there were a lot of emotions already as we both matched into programs that we really wanted to train at. He wanted to celebrate with a weekend getaway to Montreal, and told me to pack and dress well. He picked me up from my parents house and I was under the assumption we'd be traveling to Montreal.

Instead, he took me around my hometown with a beautiful lunch and a stroll through the park. In the park, he gave me a personalized picture book that took us through the journey of our relationship from high school onwards. The last page said, "and our next chapter awaits." At that point he played my favorite song from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and took me onto a beautiful bridge over a pond that was decorated with a banner that said "Will You Marry Me?"

We then had a mini photoshoot and went home to tell my parents. When we got home, our friends and family of nearly 100 people were waiting for us on the driveway to celebrate, and we had an amazing engagement party that night!"


Couple #2: Komal & Prince


"It took place on our vacation in Dubai, on the second to last day! I had been anticipating a ring the whole vacation and had finally decided to drop it because it was almost over. Well, it turns out that Prince anticipated my thought process and succeeded in surprising me for the first time ever!

Long story short - he had arranged for a photoshoot prior to dinner that was "offered to us by the Burj Al Arab." We were walking towards our "restaurant" taking photos and posing along the pier, meanwhile I was starting to get 'hangry.' At a certain point, we turned and entered upon a flower path, a fully decorated cabana, and romantic music playing! I was in complete shock. The photographer didn't give me a chance to process it yet because he continued making us pose....until the last "pre-engagement" photo where he had me face away from Prince. I turned around to find Prince on one knee barely able to get the words out!"


Couple #3: Evani & Gurpal


"I had always dreamed for the big proposal, and I swore that I didn't want to do it the Desi way of Roka then ring, because it never felt right to me. At that point, you know there is a ring coming, so there is no surprise factor! But, of course, you imagine one way and something else happens, but Gurpal really blew me off my feet and did it in a way I never could have imagined.

We had an expedited Roka in April, and we were deciding a wedding date and all. Then, in August, on my birthday, my mom and sister surprised me with tickets to Paris. Ever since we were young, my mom told us that when we got married, we would go to Paris for our wedding shopping - and she made it happen! I didn't think much into it because it has been a thing we've heard for so long.

On the day we landed in Paris, my sister had already booked for to go up inside the Eiffel tower. So, we got dressed. My husband had bought me a dress for my birthday, which was actually meant for this moment, and I ended up wearing that exact one, and I went. As I am looking at the Eiffel Tower, someone taps me on my back and I turn around.

My husband is on one knee, and his parents and brothers are standing behind him. It was so magical, he even hired a professional photographer that took professional pictures - but, they only took one picture of the actual reaction because so many people ended up crowding around. It was just so magical! Then, both our families stayed for seven days, traveled, and shopped. I feel like the trip brought both families closer."


Couple #4: Mili & Saurabh


"My husband works 28-hour days on every 3rd day (such is the life of residents in medicine). He had told me he wanted to switch to working every 2nd day, so that we could go to New York City on a Friday night. My spidey senses immediately started tingling - 'why would you willingly work more just for a random trip to NYC?'

New York City happens to be where we met - when I was in medical school and he was doing a research year. He took me to the lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge. That bridge is special to us as it literally and figuratively connected us - he would drive from his home in New Jersey to see me in my Washington Heights apartment, which overlooked the GWB and the Hudson River. Sometimes I could see his car on the GWB from my window!

We had been to the lighthouse a few times before, on runs down the Hudson River. So, he took me for a walk down there, recounting our memories along the way. After he proposed with a surprise photo shoot, we needed to get back up to the street level, which proved to be harder than expected. We spent the next 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get back up, attempting to cross a heavily trafficked highway, having a cop ask us why we were trying to hail a cab on the side of a highway. All the while, we were intermittently dancing, hugging, and exclaiming that we couldn't believe we were getting married!

We ultimately made it back to the road, celebrated with a cake, and spent the next few days on an "engagement-moon" in Jamaica!"


Couple #5: Dharti & Ilesh


"My really close friend/brother, Chirag, shared that he was seeing someone and was finally ready to introduce her to me. We were ALL patiently waiting for this day to come, so I didn’t doubt him at all. He mentioned that she was going to fly into town in a few weeks and wanted to explore Central Park, so we planned the day out accordingly. It turned out that October 25th was the day she was available, and that happened to be the Hindu New Year that year.

As you can imagine it was really hectic to get away from all the relatives at home and make it to New York City on time. Anyway, somehow I managed to get to the city (30 minutes late) in my basic outfit (plain top + tights). I see Chirag but his mystery woman was nowhere in sight. When I asked, he said she went to see the Bethesda Fountain with a friend and that we had to meet her there.

As we approached the steps leading to the fountain, I saw a crowd gathered at the bottom, and I assumed that a flash mob was going to take place. When we got to the bottom, the group turned around with banners reading: “Hi Dharti, Will you marry me?”!

I was SO surprised that I didn’t even think it was real! I walked closer to see the banners and realized the people holding them up were none other than my siblings and best friends! When I turned around there was Ilesh down on one knee. I said YES!"


Reading these proposal stories makes our hearts all aflutter! We were honored to have had the pleasure to be a part of each of these wonderful stories by making their wedding celebrations come to life!

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