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A Wedding at the Villa!

Hi there, everyone! Thank you for checking out today's special Exclusive post. If you have checked out our most recent post, you will have noticed a common theme that coincides with today's special decor coverage! Though we follow a different couple's wedding events, today we will be discussing a different take on a gold & red color scheme! We are here to discuss what makes this particular event stand out on its own.

For our beautiful bride & groom, Fatimah & Abbas, our team had the pleasure of preparing both their wedding and reception decor for their special day. In our recent Instagram posts, we have shared photos from their wedding events, though we'd like to expand upon each aspect of their decor plan here! Keep on reading to learn more. We hope you enjoy!


The Wedding Day

For their ceremony, our team travelled to Great Neck, NJ in order to prepare the couple's wedding decor at Leonard's Palazzo. This included the couple's custom stage, along with their Nikkah ceremony partition and their table centerpieces.

Wedding stage, with bride Fatimah, shown above.

This space consisted of a romantic red & gold color scheme, with a red silk floral arch and an elegant gold drape as their backdrop. Along their gold and ivory love seat were complementing red silk flowers that were the ideal touches! Such arrangements were also placed alongside on top of golden end tables.

As if their evening couldn't get any brighter, our team placed a line of shooting star candles across the couple's backdrop, in addition to an array of candles placed along the edge of their stage! Taken by our team, here is a photo of our beautiful bride as she sat in the center of their completed stage!


Continuing on, let's discuss their table centerpieces! Complementing the color scheme for the evening, our team hand-crafted red floral bridge centerpieces. These pieces were made up of fresh red hydrangea, with additional greenery added within its base.

Side view of centerpiece shown above.

Once prepared, these arrangements were placed atop 4 gold stands in the center of the reception king's table.

To bring additional sparkle and light, hanging globes were placed in between the floral piece, with additional votive candles arranged along the table's center.

The boldness and vibrance of this romantic tone is the perfect pop of color among the couple's event decor.


The final decor aspect of the couple's wedding day was their Nikkah Parda!

Front view of Nikkah Parda shown above.

Side view of Nikkah Parda shown above.

For their special ceremony, our team provided a golden arch, topped with red floral arrangements and silk white garlands hanging down the very center. On both sides of the parda, we placed proper seating for the bride & groom, along with additional gold pedestals with red floral arrangements.

Finally, our team ensured the bride would have a proper aisle to walk down for her big day by placing a red aisle runner, with flower petals scattered along the sides to give it additional flair!


Their Spectacular Wedding Reception

Two days following the couple's big day, our team joined Fatimah & Abbas for their post-wedding celebrations held at the Hilton on Long Island! Their decor set-up for this event consisted of a wedding reception stage, along with a variety of different centerpieces to adorn each of their tables.

The couple's marble reception stage shown above.

Starting with the main event, our team prepared a custom stand-out stage that was destined to impress the couple & their guests for the special occasion.

For this triple-panel stage, it consisted of a bright color scheme, containing white and golden tones to make for a simply elegant evening. Their backdrop began with an array of tall marble panels, placed in front of a center golden arch. This structure was dressed with a classy white draping, along with three shimmering chandeliers and white cherry blossom branches along its top edging.

Moving along, our team also placed a number of marble panels along the stage's backdrop, in addition to ones placed in front of the bottom edges of the platform itself. With the panels alone, it already makes for a truly elegant and unique stage decor design. On each side with such panels, we placed silk cherry blossom branches, in addition to placing them along the center gold arch in the very center of their backdrop.

For the couple's seating arrangements, we provided a pristine white sofa set, with one love seat and two side chairs for additional space. Additional decor details included two sets of our bright shooting star candles and a shimmering chandelier, along with three white silk floral arrangements placed directly at the front of their stage.


Next up on the decor list are the couple's centerpieces! For these special pieces, we made sure each one complemented the white floral theme of the reception decor perfectly.

Shooting star candles shown above.

Beginning with the family table, we made sure it shone bright amongst their decor! That's right - we provided not one, not two, but six sets of our gold shooting star candles along the very center. These stunning additions were placed with silk white hydrangea arrangements at the very bottom to add additional flair.

Cherry blossom trees shown above.

Next are these beauties on the left!

For the surrounding tables, we placed large cherry blossom trees within fresh floral arrangements at the bottom.

Other additional arrangements included smaller fresh floral pieces, along with single gold candelabra centerpieces.

If you notice, we included gold leaves within these pieces. When it comes to decor, white and golden accents are a match made in heaven when paired together. It displays elegance at its finest.


All centerpieces shown above.
Cascading bridal bouquet shown above.

A final decor touch for this special day is this custom cascading bouquet that our team hand-crafted for our beautiful bride!

This bouquet consisted of all white floral arrangements - with cascading white orchids, white roses, and fresh baby's breath.

This floral combination of neutral white colors with pops of green presents the perfect contrast and most exquisite display amongst the other decor pieces for this beautiful evening.


That wraps up today's blog post! Thank you for checking out our latest decor coverage on the lovely Fatimah & Abbas's wedding & reception decor! Be sure to check out next week's Exclusive post - and show some love to the following vendors that we had the pleasure of working with throughout the duration of these events.

Vendor Credits:

Location (Wedding): Villa Lombardi's

Location (Reception): Hilton of Long Island

Photography: Qurrat A'yun Studios

Event Planner: Karma Events

Entertainment: DJ USA Events - DJ Arjun

Henna Artist: Henna for All

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