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A Vibrant Mahwah Ceremony!

Hi there, everyone! The weekend has arrived and it is time to kick back, relax, and read all about our latest decor coverage in today's special Exclusive blog! If you haven't already, catch up on our recent postings where we have detailed a number of our summer decor ventures. We are in our final weekend of the summer season and days away from fall - but, don't fret because summer is not over yet.

When it came to the Summer of 2021, every decor scheme had the brightest of colors, the warmest of weather, and the most beautiful of events - including Nisha & Asit's grand wedding ceremony at the Hindu Samaj Mandir! Earlier this week, we shared a photo from the special occasion on our Instagram, but that was only a sneak peek! Continue reading to see more of the couple's decor in extensive detail, including additional photos that we have yet to share.

Nisha & Asit's mandap shown above.

For the couple's big day, we had the pleasure of arranging, not only their mandap, but their centerpieces as well! However, let us begin by detailing this beautiful custom set-up that still takes our breath away.

We began with a simple square mandap structure. This set-up was dressed with off-white draping along the front and back of the space, and tied back with silk floral knots that were handmade by our incredible team. Like the floral bar showcased above the structure, such floral arrangements consisted of silk flowers with purple and red accents, including a variety of multi-color roses that contained the warmest of hues for this bright summer wedding. One thing that we love about this set-up is the outstanding contrast that is displayed between each array of colors. The white draping presents such a simple, yet sublime feel; while each silk flower has a strong level of vibrance in its hues. The overall theme here is that each aspect of this traditional mandap, though they may be different, stands out its own way, while still complementing each other ever so beautifully.

Other additions to this display included a silver seating set of four for the bride, groom, and those that join them; as well as a red floral ganesha that stands as a beautiful symbol of good fortune and prosperity as the couple finally begins their lifelong union together as husband and wife.


Aisle decor shown above.

Now, what is a wedding without an aisle for the bride to walk down?

We began by placing a white runner down the very center, and adorned it with scattered rose petals as a special touch! Along each side of the aisle, we placed four floral arrangements, those of which paired well with the floral theme of the couple's mandap perfectly.

On tall, metal cube stands, we placed silk flowers on the very top, which consisted of purple, white, and red roses with a white hydrangea base. The color theme for this particular ceremony was picture-perfect - though, we aren't finished just yet!

Centerpiece decor shown above.

Last but not least, we have the centerpieces!

With a single rose, greenery, and fairy lights to dazzle it up, we combined these details and placed them in a golden terrarium, in addition to votive candles for extra light! Such pieces provided a modern take on a natural garden feel - and impeccably complimented the ceremony's decor.


It was our pleasure to be a part of Nisha & Asit's utmost special day! Thank you for reading along with us and looking back on the incredible content shared with us by our team. From all of us at Exclusive Events, congratulations to the bride & groom on their beautiful union! We wish you both the best as you begin this incredible chapter of your lives together.

Be sure to check back next week for another Exclusive post!

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