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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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A Swan Club Wedding!

Happy Saturday, everyone! We do hope you all had a great week! A new weekend is upon us, which can only mean one thing - a new Exclusive post! Be sure to sit back, relax, and take some time to read all about our latest decor venture!


On Sunday, October 10th, our team recently travelled to Roslyn, NY to prepare custom ceremony and reception decor for our beautiful clients, Yusef & Tania, at the Swan Club on the Harbor! The bride & groom's special day began with their ceremony taking place in the venue's own Ceremony Pavilion. With this space having already provided our team with their own wedding arch with white draping, it was up to our team to provide our special Exclusive touches to the space!

Wedding aisle shown above.

First on the agenda was the custom wedding aisle decor! We understand that every bride's first walk down the aisle is her most special one, so we needed to decorate it in a way that was as beautiful as the bride herself!

Along each side of the aisle, our team placed custom floral arrangements that consisted of blush & maroon roses, with additional fresh greenery. Such pieces were placed atop tall and elegant stands that contained the most ideal golden accents for this grand occasion. In addition, these floral combinations complemented the bride & groom's wedding mandap decor beautifully.

Stage decor shown above.

Next up is Yusef & Tania's ceremonial stage! If you have already seen on our Instagram, we have shared this photo! However, we saved all of the important decor details for today's special post.

This design was put together using inspiration photos that were shared with by our bride & groom. Our team worked with them in order to design this special floral combination. As shown in the above photo, this set-up consisted of a bright silk floral knots and fresh greenery! These silk knots were prepared using maroon, peach, and white-colored roses. Such arrangements were placed along the front and back edges of the structure, along with two additional pieces placed on the couple's tables.

As provided by our team, their seating area consisted of a white elegant coffee table with complementing side tables, and 2 chairs with gold-trimmed edges for that extra golden accent. Final details included 2 lit candle sets that most definitely brought extra light to this already bright indoor ceremony.


Following their ceremony, it was time for their evening reception!

Reception decor shown above.

For the couple's reception, their decor followed an emerald green and gold theme! Their reception stage began with a green round arch design, consisting of white & pink cherry blossom branches with additions of blush & white roses and arrays of fresh greenery! For dazzling touches, we added a variety of hanging globes with fresh petals. Their seating arrangements included a 3-set ivory couch that completed this fabulous set-up.

Centerpiece shown above.

Finally, our team arranged these centerpieces! Complementing their decor theme well, our team prepared this arrangements using fresh maroon & peach roses, along with organic greens for a natural touch.


That conclude's today's Exclusive post! Congratulations to our lovely bride & groom, Yusef & Tania! It was our pleasure to be a part of your special day.

Thank you for checking out today's Exclusive decor coverage! Be sure to check back next week for another special blog post.

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