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A Stamford Beauty!

Happy Saturday, everybody! It is time for another weekly Exclusive post. Today, we will detailing a special decor coverage that was truly nothing but a golden event! As you may have seen on our Instagram page, we recently took part in our bride & groom's, Maisha & Haseeb's beautiful wedding events! Our team had the pleasure of preparing their ceremonial and reception decor at the Hilton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut - and we have shared a photo of their ceremonial stage on our Instagram, so be sure to check that out if you haven't already!

Today, we will be detailing each aspect of the couple's reception decor. Sit back, relax, and read all about this golden decor dream.

Reception stage shown above.

Let us begin with the couple's custom reception stage! Though, we have already displayed this photo on our Instagram page, we'd like to expand upon each piece of decor shown in greater detail!

Beginning with their backdrop, we began by delicately placing an elegant gold drape along the back of their stage. This was the start of the golden dream that would soon be brought together! Our team used a pair of intricate gold pillars that would both be connect by a floral connector. This, along with the remaining floral pieces on this stage, contained red, magenta, and dark purple-colored arrangements. Along the both sides of this structure, we placed tall jharokha panels that complemented the theme perfectly with its defined, elegant pattern and golden accents.

In the very center, drapes of beige and gold color were tied back, elegantly opening up the space for the couple's seating arrangements. Such included - you guessed it - an ever so stunning gold love seat, with additional complementing chairs on both sides. Final details included a set of lit candles and an array of rose petals to adorn our lovely bride & groom's special throne for the evening.

Shooting star candles shown above.

Let's continue on with our centerpieces!

Our team prepared two sets of custom centerpieces that would be distributed evenly among each dining table in the venue's ballroom, including this bright display!

We prepared a round floral base, consisting of pink and lavender roses in a bed of natural greenery. Rising in the very center are our special gold shooting star candles!

This stunning decor piece is destined to make any dream come true on the night of your special wedding reception.

Candelabra shown above.

Last but not least, we have another crowning jewel!

For an additional golden touch, we provided a number of our double-tiered golden candelabra centerpieces, which truly make a grand statement by itself!

After reviewing each detail of this beautiful occasion, it is true to say that you can never have too much gold! When complemented by other contrasting tones, accents of gold truly elevate the grandeur for any event - and it goes without saying that Maisha & Haseeb's beautiful day was one to remember for a lifetime.


Thank you for checking out today's Exclusive post! Be sure to stay tuned for next week's latest decor coverage.


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