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A Royal Mehndi Evening!

Happy Saturday, everyone! We hope you all had a great week! It is time for another Exclusive Post! Today, we will be covering decor we arranged for the lovely Arifa & Waleed. If you have been keeping up with our latest Instagram posts, we recently shared content from the couple's wedding reception at Royal Albert's Palace.

Our team handled their regal reception stage, along with their elegant table centerpieces. (Be sure to check out our reception-coverage posts if you haven't already!) For this blog post today, we will be sharing and discussing a decor set-up our team arranged for the bride & groom on the evening of their Mehndi event!

Mehndi stage shown above.

On the night before their most special day, Arifa & Waleed celebrated this pre-wedding celebration with their family and friends at the Royal Albert's Palace. Our team prepared the venue's Maharaja Room for the couple's colorful Mehndi stage.

Their stage began with a double-panel backdrop, consisting of a design full of straight multi-color drapes. When it comes to Mehndi decor, it is traditionally full of bright colors. So, from purple, to yellow, to blue, to pink, our team made sure vibrance was a standing theme in this stage!

In front of the backdrop, our team placed a golden framed-structure that would contain an array of colorful florals. Such florals included silk arrangements of magenta, light pink, and yellow roses with additional greenery. This bright arch made for the perfect structure to stand tall above their Jhoola swing. To make sure the decor theme stayed consistent throughout the space, we paired matching chairs to go beside each end of the Jhoola, along with small floral arrangements on top of two golden pedestals. These white hydrangea pieces contain the right amount of contrast to pair well with the Jhoola's vibrant colors, allowing both arrangements to stand out in their own ways.


Before we close out today's blog post, we'd like to share the additional vendors that took part in the couple's Mehndi evening and wedding reception events. Our very own entertainment company, E3DJs handled the sounds and production aspects of the evening, along with Jay Rana who was the main MC for the two events. Be sure to check out both E3DJs and Jay Rana Events in the links below.

Entertainment: E3DJs


It was a pleasure for our team to not only be a part of Arifa & Waleed's Mehndi celebrations, but to take part in their fabulous wedding reception in bringing their decor vision to life. From our Exclusive team, we congratulate the bride & groom on their incredible union and we wish them all of the best as they begin the rest of their lives together as husband and wife.

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