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A Rockleigh Look-Back!

Happy Saturday, everyone! We do hope you all have had a great week - we most certainly did! Our team had the opportunity to walk back down memory lane as we received a beautiful gallery of photos - all of which allowed us to reminisce on our bride & groom's, Reeba & Jeswin's stunning wedding events! Back in July of 2021, we had the pleasure of being a part of their special day that took place at The Rockleigh!

Known as Bergen County's best wedding venue, the New Jersey location served as the ideal spot to host the couple's wedding ceremony & reception. Thanks to the incredible team at Dreamlife Photography, we have several photos that we would like to share with you, all depicting the work our team prepared for the couple's magical celebrations.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy today's blog post as we reminisce on this ever-so gorgeous day of wedding events!

View of Jeswin & Reeba's ceremony decor.

For their ceremony set-up, their stage began with a trio-hexagonal arch along their backdrop! This was brought together using silk flowers atop a white floral base. From maroons to pinks, beautiful roses brought this design together with fresh greens that presented the most stunning contrast of colors within this modern design. Other details included hanging globes for that extra touch of sparkle, along with a set of 4 up-lights at the base of the structure used to make this design absolutely shine!

Up-close view of structure's floral bar.
Up-close view of structure's silk floral knots.
Reeba is walked down the aisle by her lovely parents.

Here comes the bride! We are continuing on with the couple's wedding aisle decor! Walking down the aisle to your beloved is a truly significant moment, and a moment like this needs to be dressed to the nines. For Jeswin & Reeba's wedding aisle, we made sure these details complemented the motif of their ceremony's stage.

Long view of the couple's wedding aisle.
Up-close view of aisle's floral arrangements.

The couple's wedding aisle was brought together using a total of our 8 pedestals, with 4 on both sides of their aisle runner that was provided by the venue.

Using fresh flowers that would later be used amongst their reception decor, floral arrangements made of fresh roses lined up their wedding aisle! Like their ceremony stage's decor, fresh maroon & pink roses were placed within a white floral base of hydrangeas. This combination of dark and light florals brings about an incredibly beautiful contrasted display that leaves us in complete awe.

Our bride & groom happily walk back up the aisle following their ceremony.
An up-close view of Reeba's custom bouquet.

In accordance with the floral theme, we prepared Reeba's bouquet with the same pieces and more in order to ensure her walk down the aisle was as beautiful as her.

For our lovely bride, this bouquet included fresh greenery with vibrant maroon and white roses, along with fresh baby's breath, calla lilies, and white ranunculus flowers!

With a cascading design, this one-of-a-kind floral combination is simply perfection! From the bouquet, to the aisle, to their ceremony decor, we love how each of these designs turned out - and the bride & groom's bright smiles in the above photo say it all!

The bride & groom are all smiles as they sit at their sweetheart table.

Following their beautiful ceremony, it was time for the couple and their guests to finally celebrate the incredible union and dance the night away! In addition to the couple's ceremony decor, our team also assisted in bringing their reception decor to life. Our bride & groom needed only the most elegant space to sit and relax as they dined, so we provided a custom sweetheart table with the most grand design.

Jeswin & Reeba's sweetheart table.

With their table and chairs provided by their venue, our team prepared a pink-sequined backdrop and floral arrangements across the entire space. At the very top is an all white 10-ft long flower board, working cohesively with the floral theme. Along the table is a fresh floral arrangement, made up of white hydrangea, white roses, fresh greenery and silk wisteria! As final touches to light up the space, we included 2 sets of three-tiered candles, in addition to smaller votive candles to ensure the couple's dining area was as bright as can be.


And to complete the couple's reception decor are their guests' table centerpieces!

With their elegant design in mind, these tall pieces made a grand statement with their great height and clear glass vases. The floral arrangements were brought together using a white hydrangea base, along with bright maroon and pink roses within.

For the remaining tables, we prepared smaller, round arrangements with the same floral theme, with additional greenery to give it that extra pop of fresh color.


That concludes our Exclusive on Jeswin & Reeba's magical wedding day decor! It was a pleasure to bring their vision to life and to be a part of their special day! We enjoyed every second of these beautiful events.

Be sure to check out our fellow vendors that we worked alongside on Jeswin & Reeba's special day!


Vendor List:

Location: The Rockleigh

Event Planner: L&B Events

Photography: Dreamlife Photography

Entertainment: DJ USA EVENTS | DJ Rohan & MC Max


Thank you for looking back on Reeba & Jeswin's gorgeous wedding day with us today! Be sure to check back on our blog next week for another Exclusive.

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