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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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A Golden Oasis!

Happy Saturday, everyone! We have a treat in store for you all today. We've been sharing a variety of photos from this particular couple's wedding events - those that are full of glitz and glamour. Do you know which couple we are referring to? That's right - we are discussing every single aspect of Seema & Arjun's wedding ceremony and reception decor in today's Exclusive post. Keep reading for more!


On Saturday, September 29th, our Exclusive team travelled to the town of Hauppauge to bring Seema & Arjun's decor vision to life for their special day at the Hyatt Regency. Following our consultations with the bride & groom, our aim was to prepare a custom ceremonial and reception set-up tailored their needs and specifications, which were truly magical.

Wisteria walkway shown above.

As the couple and their guests made their way into the ceremonial venue, there we placed a custom entrance gate! This consisted of a tall cabana set-up with a white draped ceiling, along with red and gold-draped stands. For the ceiling, we included hanging wisteria with red kalirae as a special touch. Along the back of the entrance, we also added two golden elephants on pedestals that would greet those that arrived!

Side view of entrance gate shown above.
Hallway entrance gates shown above.

Continuing on, upon their entrance into the venue, guests walked through a series of entrance gates that lead into the bride & groom's upcoming ceremony ballroom.

Like their outdoor entrance gate, these walkways were also prepared using golden and red draping, but were split down the center and tied back.


Ganesha statue shown above.

Next up is the couple's ganesha table!

For this beautiful symbol of prosperity, our team prepared two rose bouquets in small golden vases that were placed at the feet of the statue.

To adorn this statue, we also placed a rose-filled garland around the top, while also surrounding the table's edges with beautiful rose petals.

Final touches included an array of lit votive candles to bring a perfect addition of light to the couple's already bright event!

Once guests were present in the ballroom, it was time for the couple's ceremony!


Ceremonial aisle and stage shown above.

If you stay up-to-date with our Instagram posts, you will have already seen this photo! However, we will go into much further detail of each aspect of this decor set-up.

Beginning with the front of the aisle, we placed 4 tall golden vases with red hydrangea arrangements, along with tall traditional statues as well. As the bride walks atop the stage, we placed two golden pedestals, as well as two additional vases, all with the same red floral arrangements.

For the bride's special walk, our team scattered an array of roses petals that brought a special romantic flair, along with tall golden candles that we placed along the very edges of the aisle. Both aspects of this aisle set-up made for a walk that is as beautiful as the bride herself.

Below is a video taken by our team, showcasing the final product following its preparation!

Up-close view of the aisle shown above.

Following their big ceremony and their "I do's", it was now time to celebrate! The bride & groom, along with their guests, celebrated the official union right at the Hyatt Regency's very own ballroom - presented with a few Exclusive touches!

First item on the decor agenda was the main event - Seema & Arjun's fabulous reception stage! This stage consisted of a triple-panel backdrop, covered with a black starlight draping that always brings a perfect addition of magic to any space. Directly in front, our team provided an intricate white arch to complement the stage's Maharaja decor theme.

Along the edges of this particular arch, we placed an array of cascading floral arrangements, which consisted of white cherry blossom vines with a variety of pink-colored roses. Such arrangements were also cascaded along the couple's two candle walls that were placed on both sides of the structure itself. Additional details within this arch included a shimmering gold and lavender draping set, with a bright chandelier in the very center.

For the couple's seating arrangements, our team placed our gold & ivory love seat in the center of the space. To complement the floral theme of this decor, we placed a single white end table on both sides of the seating, both of which were topped with a white hydrangea & pink rose arrangement. Taller white pedestals were then placed next to each of those end tables, both topped with a smaller white hydrangea arrangement with pink & lavender roses for this floral combination. Final complementing arrangements were also placed within 6 smaller gold vases along the front of the space. What is not displayed in this photo would be two sets of our shooting star candles that our team placed on the floor in front of this reception stage - however, we will be sharing a walk-through video in this post that showcases those as well!

Floral bridge centerpiece shown above.

Following the reception stage, then came the table centerpieces! For the king's dining tables, our team hand-crafted a floral bridge centerpiece. This arrangement was prepared using 4 golden stands, topped with a custom white hydrangea & pink rose floral bar. Its stands were decorated with jewel strands that brought the perfect amount of sparkle to this dining table. Each end of this table was completed with lit golden candles, along with small votive candles in the very center of the table.

As you can see on the far right, our team prepared single floral centerpieces for the surrounding tables, all of which included a white hydrangea base with pink roses placed within.


Above, we have a brief walk-through within the ballroom that shows each aspect of our decor work for this particular event.


That concludes our latest decor coverage on Seema & Arjun's wedding and reception events! Congratulations to the bride & groom on this beautiful moment in your lives! It was our pleasure to be a part of your special day.

Before we close this post out, here are few of the vendors that we had the honor of working alongside for these special wedding events.


Vendor List:

Venue (for ceremony & reception): Hyatt Regency Long Island

Photography: A & R Photography

Entertainment: Premier Entertainment


Thank you for checking out today's post and be sure to check back next week for another Exclusive decor coverage.

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