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Happy, newly wed couple. South Asian Wedding decor by Exclusive Events in Long Island, New York. Special Event decor company.
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A Five Star Mehndi!

Happy Saturday! We hope you are all well. It's the start of a brand new weekend! Are you ready for a new blog post?

Today, we will be covering a colorful decor set-up that our team prepared for the lovely Tanya & Rahul! Earlier this week, they held their pre-wedding celebration at the Five Star Banquet in Long Island City, NY. For the couple and their esteemed guests, our Exclusive team prepared a variety of Mehndi decor for the special evening, and we are so in love with the final product! If you are keeping up to date with our Instagram page, you will have seen the latest photo we have shared of the couple's spectacular custom stage - and today, we will be describing each aspect of this set-up in greater detail, along with their custom centerpieces and other aspects of their decor theme.

Mehndi stage shown above.

Beginning with Tanya & Rahul's stage, our team created this set-up using a platform with a triple-panel backdrop, dressed with a bright yellow drape along the back; along with additional blue, magenta, and sequined-gold draping tied along the front. To tie back such draping, we used arrays of silk floral knots. These knots consisted of bright roses of orange, and magenta color.

Pairing well with the floral theme, we also arranged a floral bar that stood along the middle of the structure, placed with cascading flowers as well. Additional details of the backdrop included yellow hanging tassels with 3 Moroccan lanterns placed in front of the split draping.

Continuing on, we placed a Moroccan couch in the center of the stage that acted as the couple's throne for their Mehndi night. To coincide with the decor theme, we also added a variety of colorful umbrellas on the edges of the stage that would add extra vibrance to dazzle the space, as well as bright vases with marigold. Like we placed along the draping, we also placed a number of traditional lanterns on both sides of the couple's love seat as the final details for this decor space.

Centerpieces shown above.

Next up on the decor list are the centerpieces! For every table, our team prepared and placed clear gold lanterns with added marigold inside. These pieces made for the perfect details to the guests' dining experience!

Traditional cart shown above.

Finally, to complete the decor set-up, our team brought in a traditional Indian cart, dressed with purple draping from top to bottom and with added marigold tassels along the siding and wheels. This bright decor piece contained goodies for the guests to grab as they made their way into the ballroom.

Every aspect of this evening was as bright and as colorful as can be - and we are still over the moon with the final product of our team's work.


Thank you for checking out today's Exclusive post on Tanya & Rahul's beautiful Mehndi

night! We truly wish the bride and groom all of the best in this new chapter together. Be

sure to check out next week's blog post!

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