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A Beautifully Eventful Wedding Weekend!

Updated: May 19, 2021

Hi there, everyone! We have a special blog post in store for you on this very Saturday afternoon. As you know, we have been sharing posts regarding each event that we have had the pleasure of being a part of. Last weekend, our team was busy fulfilling decor dreams for several different wedding occasions, which means that today's post is a double-event edition!

From the fabulous Bordone to the exquisite NYIT de Seversky Mansion, it was wedding galore as we prepared arrangements for our couples, Anamika & Austin and Gayatri and Rishi! Thanks to our lovely decor team, we have a variety of photo and video content on the weekend for your viewing pleasure!


Part One: Saturday, April 24th

Anamika & Austin -The Bordone LIC

Our weekend wedding story begins in Long Island City at well-known venue, The Bordone LIC. This elite event space contains fabulous outdoor panoramic views of Manhattan for guests to enjoy, with the addition of large and wide-open indoor spaces fit for an incredible party experience! Our couple, Anamika & Austin, took advantage of the gorgeous venue and held their wedding ceremony on the rooftop space that overlooks the city. Thanks to the venue, we have a photo of exactly what we are talking about, but we don't know if it can possibly do it justice!

Our team had the pleasure of arranging their wedding aisle and wedding altar for the outdoor ceremony out on this lovely space. With the weather on this day consisting of a high 72 degrees and the sun shining with barely a cloud in sight, we don't know how the special occasion could have possibly gotten any better.

Wedding aisle decor shown above.

Now, what would a ceremony be without a fabulous wedding aisle for the bride to walk down? In addition to the venue's wide seating arrangements for guests, our decor team decorated the long aisle with beautifully-lit lanterns and candles; and vases containing white hydrangeas with pink and white roses that represented the immense natural beauty of the outdoor ceremony.

With the immaculate weather, lit candles, and beautiful love felt amongst the couple and their guests, we only wondered how this day could have been any brighter.

Once the aisle was prepared, next was the wedding altar! This is forefront of the space, being that this is where the bride & groom make their union official, so this has to be truly beautiful. We continued with the natural theme of the occasion and used a simple wooden pillar, dressed with a silk white drape and completed with white & rose arrangements to enhance the elegance of the space.

Anamika & Austin's wedding altar shown above.

Photo of Anamika & Austin at the altar.

Finally, no wedding ceremony is complete without the celebration! Following their marital union, it was time to head into the venue's indoor space to gather for the evening reception.

Reception decor inside The Bordone LIC.

With such a spacious venue, the options were endless for Anamika & Austin's reception. Our team provided the table decor for the special celebration. Pairing well with the floral theme of the wedding, the couple's centerpieces consisted of white hydrangeas with pink and white roses. To add to the grandeur of the Bordone LIC, we placed the flower arrangements on top of a tall, golden column stand, which gave the piece additional height and dimension.

Reception centerpiece shown above and right.

It was a pleasure to be a part of Anamika & Austin's most special wedding day, along with the following vendors! We have listed their information below.

Photography: Jashim Jalal Studios

Hair & Makeup: Beauty by Tamanna

Catering: Moghul Catering

Now, the blog isn't over yet! Continue onto the next section to read about Gayatri & Rishi's big day!


Part Two: Sunday, April 25th

Gayatri & Rishi - NYIT de Seversky Mansion

After Anamika & Austin's wedding day, the beautiful weekend was not over yet! The next day, our team headed to Glen Head, NY to prepare decor for Gayatri & Rishi's wedding at the NYIT de Seversky Mansion! The gorgeous estate is located on the very campus of the New York Institute of Technology in Nassau County. Built in 1918, this location contains all of the spark and beauty that can take you back in time to that era for a day!

Now, let's start with the main entrance before we continue discussing the remainder of the decor. When it comes to the moment you walk into a venue for the first time, it is important that you should be wow-ed! That is our main thought process behind every piece of decor we create for all of our events. With Gayatri & Rishi's entrance into the venue, we made sure all guests would walk in to a show-stopper.

Made up entirely of multi-colored phalaenopsis orchids, our team created this beautiful piece! This piece of a peacock holds a lot of symbolism that correlates with the meaning of this memorable occasion. The peacock represents love, new growth and re-birth, beauty, and longevity. When it comes a wedding ceremony, there couldn't be a more symbolic statement. On the day of their wedding, Gayatri & Rishi's began the start of a brand new lifelong chapter of love together - and there's nothing more beautiful than that. The brightness and colorfulness of the orchids, or the peacock's "feathers", resembles their relationship shining and beginning anew as husband and wife.

Continuing on with the tour of decor, let's discuss their ceremonial decor! Original plans for the wedding ceremony included it taking place outside on the estate's property - although, the weather did not permit it. Despite this, our team worked together and arranged a beautiful ceremonial mandap inside the venue's Garden Room, and everything came together seamlessly!

Wedding aisle shown above.

When guests entered the ceremony, they were greeted with natural floral arrangements hanging above as wonderful ceiling decor!

These particular floral arrangements consisted of pink and red roses, along with bright pink hydrangeas and natural greenery. These bright color tones were the color theme for the wedding celebration and fit well with the beautiful day.

With the venue's glass ceilings up above, it allowed the space to consist of a more wide open feel, which we absolutely love.

Continuing on, let's discuss the forefront of the room - the ceremonial mandap! It was an honor to prepare the mandap that would hold the most special moment of Gayatri & Rashi's lives! This four-pillared mandap was dressed with light pink linens, and tied together with arrangements of pink, white, and red roses. In addition, we arranged elegant golden & white seating fit for the bride & groom and those that join them for their special moment.

Gayatri & Rashi's floral ceremonial mandap.

Along with their ceremonial mandap, our team also put together a second peacock display that stood alongside as well! Being that it is also a symbol of good luck and fortune, it perfectly fit the decor. Like the bride & groom's entrance display, this was arranged with stunning phalaenopsis orchids, but consisted of bright pink & white orchids to pair well with the color tones of the ceremony.

Peacock display standing alongside mandap.

Following the ceremony, the couple & their guests made their way inside the venue's corridors and entered the incredible wedding reception that followed! For this part of celebration, our team arranged the table centerpieces, along with the sweetheart table fit for Gayatri & Rashi. The color tones for this particular part of the day consisted of vibrant red & white florals.

As seen on the left, the centerpieces consisted of white hydrangeas and red & white roses! In the very center of each centerpiece, we placed lit candles, that added to the bright ambiance of the incredible occasion.

For the bride & groom's sweetheart table, we not only made sure the decor paired well with their dining table centerpieces and theme, but we made sure their table was as gorgeous as them and their day.

Roses are commonly known as the most romantic type of flower in the world, so we made sure their sweetheart table was full with them. Starting from the top, our team arranged a beautiful blanket that sat along the edge of the venue's exquisite fireplace, consisting of natural greenery and vibrant red roses - but, that is not all. For their table, we placed a long blanket that consisted of red roses & natural greenery, with the addition of baby breath florals.

Other details of the sweetheart table included a set of candles that stood on each end. When you think the space can't get any brighter, there's more!

At the foot of the table, our team arranged another rose-filled blanket, along with several lit candles, and two tall lanterns that were perfect additions to the bright decor. This entire space screamed "romance", and we were in love!

Once the reception ended, that concluded our wedding-filled weekend! Gayatri & Rishi's wedding was an absolute dream to decorate for - and we wish them all of the love in the world as they make their way on their journey as husband wife. It was a pleasure to work alongside the following vendors as well.

Photography: The Wedding Story

Event Planning: Karma Events

Hair & Makeup: Sanjana Vaswani

Catering: Jackson Diner

Baraat Horse: Ponies Will Travel


Thank you for reading our special-edition blog post today! We hope you loved looking through these photos as much as we did.

We have more wedding events to attend on the horizon, so be sure to expect more event coverage on this blog very soon!

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