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A Dream in Blue!

Happy Saturday, everyone! We have reached one of our favorite times of the week. Ready for another decor coverage? We sure are! Sit back, relax, get cozy, and enjoy today's Exclusive post!

Today, we follow a recent wedding day that our team had the pleasure of being a part of at the lovely Terrace on the Park. We brought the Exclusive touch to our couple's ceremony decor, in addition to their reception space! Follow along as we detail each aspect of decor for this one-of-a-kind celebration.


Beginning with our bride & groom's ceremony that took place in the venue's incredible chapel, we provide a theme consisting of neutral white tones, making for a truly elegant and classy display.

Complements of our team, the decor began with a simple, white runner for our bride to make her beautiful first walk down to yo! Using white pedestals provided by the venue, we placed two 5-ft tall, white cherry blossom trees at the very front of the aisle. Such arrangements were made using hanging globes that are complete with rose petals, along with a silk floral base. And to brighten up this space with extra light, we placed 10 white lanterns with candles beside and atop the white pedestals. All of these details combined truly added to the warm ambience of this special day.


Complementing the white floral theme, we hand-crafted a special round floral arch for our bride & groom's ceremony! This was prepared using silk, white flowers, along with touches of blue for an additional pop of color! Like our cherry blossom trees, we added hanging globes with rose petals to the custom arch as a decorative touch. Alongside the arch are our two white pedestals, on which we placed smaller, round complementing pieces! This was truly the most beautiful set-up for our bride & groom to say "I do"!


Once their "I do's" were said, it was time to celebrate! Having taken place in the venue's Terrace Suite, this evening's decor was designed in a way the follows the color theme for the day. Like their ceremonial decor, the couple's reception decor followed suit with the blue & white floral combinations! Their table centerpieces were prepared of blue & white orchids, placed atop a crystal stand. Lit votive candles surrounded the piece, while hanging globes were added within the arrangement for an additional detail of sparkle.

Other centerpieces included, of course, more white cherry blossom trees! Like our other pieces, these also included hanging globes for a gorgeous touch.


And finally, here is a look at our couple's sweetheart table! If you keep up with our latest Instagram posts, you will have seen this particular photo already - but, if you haven't, be sure to give us a follow using the button at the bottom of this post!

Using the floral arch from our couple's ceremony, the backdrop began with this and silver-sequined drape. You can never have too much sparkle! A floral blanket, made up of white and blue orchids, laid delicately on the couple's sweetheart table, along with a silver-sequined drape along the front. Like the ceremony decor set-up, white pedestals stood on each end of this table with two round arrangements. For additional light, we placed two pairs of bright lanterns, in addition to two sets of lit candles. One final detail of the decor included a neon sign of the couple's initials, "J+J" on their backdrop to showcase the guests of honor for the evening.


That concludes our blog post for today! We do hope you all have enjoyed it! Congratulations to our beautiful bride & groom on such a momentous occasion! Thank you for allowing Exclusive Events to be a part of your special day.

Check back next week for another Exclusive post!


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